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A gift from a friend.

9 Sep

While my little one was in the hospital, I tried to send messages to keep in touch, when the hospital computer was behaving.  My design team leader, Therese Travis, was one I need to let know what was going on, because, I had assignments due and was missing the deadlines.  I let her know where I was and I told her that my little one needed and ANGEL to watch over her, thinking Therese would know I was asking her to pray for us.  The next day in my INBOX was an email with an attachment from Therese.  It was an ANGEL/FAIRY of my little one.  We will call it the Boo Angel Fairy.

Therese, a wonderful artist, has the wonderful knowledge of how to take a drawing of hers and turn it into a file that the computer can understand, and then I can cut the pattern on my CRICUT.  So below, I am showing off the Boo Angel Fairy on the cards I made for the wonderful, doctors, friends and family that helped us out through our scary time.

Here she is!!

Different lighting.

Oooh, different angle!

A close up of the Boo Angel Fairy.

All 10 cards that I made, whew!  A lot of love and work went into these!

Thank you Therese, from the bottom of my heart!

Did you miss me?

9 Sep

Wow, I am embarrassed to see that my last post was Aug, 18!  Wow, how time flies, and I’m not really having any FUN either!!!  As most of you know, my youngest had a bit of and ordeal with her legs/hips and we ended up down at the UCSF Children’s Hospital.  We had her in the hospital locally, she was released and we brought her home.  We brought her home, she was great, running around having fun and then went to bed and woke up 3 hours later in severe pain again.  This time, her doctor said take her to San Francisco, they are waiting for you.  Well that is great, except, I have 6 other kids in school and not to mention, San Francisco is about a 4 hour TRIP!!!  Long story short, she is fine.  We were so blessed to have so many brilliant people taking care of her, and in the end we have her home and she will have no lasting problems from this illness that took hold of her.  So my post today is for her.  You know that you are in a really great hospital when, your child has her hip tapped, and that night while lying in her hospital bed eating her “ROOM SERVICE”, watching cartoons, she says, “This was my BEST DAY EVER!!!”

So, to the folks at UCSF(even though they are not reading) a big THANK YOU!  A big hug and a big THANK YOU, to her pediatrician who made my daughter’s health his top priority, and last but not least, a big THANK YOU to our local hospital also.  Her stay locally was not near as glamorous as her San Francisco stay, but we had excellent care from the doctors, nurses and staff there too!

Our friends and family who kept the DeGruccio homestead, running, WOW!!!  Thank you also!! (None of them are reading either!)  Also, the wonderful staff at Wildwood Fitness Center, you guys ROCK!!  Thanks for keeping the gym running smoothly!!  My hubby and children, you are all soo awesome!  The hubby gets extra points for traveling to and from numerous times to see his baby girl and wifey poo and still making it into work the next day!  (OK, he’s not reading either!)  At least I feel better saying publicly thank you to all who cared, asked about her, prayed for her and our family, we have much to be grateful for.

Here are some of the pics from our excitement.

Hospital bed, notice her right leg.  When her pain was the worse, the only way she could hold her leg was bent and propped on a pillow.

Her hospital ISSUED sippy cup!

We brought her blankie from home and this shows that she really thought the only way the sound would work for the TV, was to hold it to her ear like a phone!

Look mom, NO HANDS, tv phone and showing off the sippy cup!

Talk about ROOM SERVICE, at UCSF, the bring RADIOLOGY to your room.  No being wheeled to get an X-RAY, they do it in the comfort of your own room.  This is the X-RAY machine, cute huh?

They put the X-RAY plate under her, they needed us to straighten her legs as much as possible, not an easy task!

Worn out, after a long day of tests!

Sleeping Beauty, melts my heart.

Pain medication, IV in!  She tore out her IV’s 2 different times.  When one came out and it started bleeding, she said “I’m sorry, it was an accident!”

She is showing off her MADONNA IV COVER UPS!

Vegetable Bento with her TV PHONE!!  It was right after this, while eating, she said “This is my BEST DAY EVER!”


This is her CHEESE face and me telling her we get to go home the next day!!

Next post will be the wonderful gift I got from a friend because of this ordeal with my little one!  Stay tuned :)


9 Aug

DONE!!  It seems lately, if I get a “PROJECT” done, it is nothing short of a miracle.  I had the 1st part of this project done, but I had the idea after my pictures were done, to do individual blocks for each child, and those, for some reason, took me awhile.  So months after I announce my MANTEL PROJECT, it is done.  I got the idea to do this A LONG TIME AGO!!  I read an article somewhere about color properties, relating to how you can use the color meaning in your scrapbooking.  Well, I thought it would be great to research the color properties of the main colors ROYGBIV and see how they apply to each one of my children.  Lo and behold, I have 7 children, the perfect number to ROYGBIV them.  So, now on my mantel, the kids are in ROYGBIV order instead of age.  This bothers the children who are my LEFT BRAINED thinkers. but my RIGHT BRAIN thinkers, totally get it!  So here is the MANTEL PROJECT, in R-O-Y-G-B-I-V order!!!  I am also listing the COLOR properties that go along/describe that child.

The RED child:

strength              abrupt          determined           restless

With color BLOCK…

The ORANGE child:

luxurious   pleasure     lively      social

With color BLOCK…

The YELLOW child:

happy       imaginative         adventurous         sunny

With COLOR block…

The GREEN child:

hopeful         renewing          gentle           sincere

With COLOR block:

The BLUE child:

compassionate         conscientious               introspective             faithful

With COLOR block:

The INDIGO child:

honest         compassionate          moody        conscientious

With COLOR block:

The VIOLET child:

sensitive         unique         dignified         temperamental

With COLOR block:

Here are the COLOR blocks:

They all have the child’s COLOR attributes on them and they sit next to each child’s picture.

So, there you have it, my MANTLE PROJECT!  Have I inspired you to go make you own, or have I inspired you to go have 7 kids??  HA HA!!!


5 Jul

Well, I am sooo happy to get the opportunity to be a GUEST designer for PK GLITZ. It will be so much fun to see the things they will send for me to work with. I am all new to this, a little nervous, but very excited all at the same time. A big thank you to the crew at PK GLITZ for giving me the opportunity to come up with some fun stuff for them!!

These were the 2 designs I had submitted to them!


Cutie Pie Scrapbook page

So, for today, I am extremely happy and giddy!!

ECLIPSE Opening day is TODAY!!!!

30 Jun

In honor of ECLIPSE opening today, June 30, 2010, I have created a “TWILIGHT” project. The design team I am on for, is hosting a CHALLENGE. The challenge is to use the SVG, cut file for her box called the “FRYPOD” and one other of her files. I have use her FRYPOD and on of her FAIRY patterns. I used graphics and paper that reminded my of TWILIGHT type stuff and this is what I came up with! If you get to see the movie this week, I hope you enjoy it! Who knows when I will get to see it, but, I CAN’T WAIT!!


For your listening and viewing enjoyment, please watch my SMILEBOX creation!!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Bella Box
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Yep, I guess you can say, I am on the TEAM EDWARD team!!

This project is dedicated to Colleen, my dear friend who LOVES TWILIGHT as much as me!

My ETSY brainchild

16 Jun

When I made this for my daughter, I really thought I had created a one of a kind SOMETHING!  It was what got me excited about even opening an ETSY store and to create a blog.  Tell me what you think and keep this in mind for any of your future special occasions or any future gifts you might need to get.  I will have many variety’s of these to come.  I will also get some done for the BOYS too.  All in good time, as my grandma would say!

My latest ETSY creation!

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What is a BLOG HOP?

14 Jun

Oh for the love of a brain that computes, computer talk!! I want to do a blog parade, and the one I look at says to create a post. Can that be right? A post about something I want to do? Well, here goes nothing!! I have created a post about the blog hop!! Go JEANNIE!!!

Here is the badge? Link? See what I mean? I haven’t a clue what to call it, but grab it, ok???

Smart and Trendy Moms: Social Parade Follower Friday Blog-Hop for 6/11 STARTS NOW!!!!

I guess you need to copy and paste the link?? (Mounting frustration!!! ARGH!!!)

<a target=”_blank” href=””><img border=”0″ alt=”Smart and Trendy Moms” src=””&gt;


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