Letting go……………

16 Jun

In September of 2008, my dear sweet mom passed away.  She was 64 years old.  I have held onto so many of her things.  I am still holding onto her works of art and things I have made mimicking her works of art.  It hit me the other day, why?  Why am I doing this?  Do I think by keeping her and my things tucked away in a box for no one to see, it will make everything better?  Maybe.  But, I have come to the conclusion, my mom created and made things for a reason.  She loved creating but never could see her talent.  I have a whole album dedicated to her stuff on my FACEBOOK page and I can re create anything of hers if have to or need to.  So, my conclusion is I can share her talents and my talents at the same time…and hey if it allows me to buy her grandchildren school clothes in the process?  She will smile on all involved from her little part of heaven.  Please take a look at my ETSY store, up and running….much more to be added in the days ahead.

Etsy store Link:



One Response to “Letting go……………”

  1. Jamie June 17, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    Love the card!

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