Did you miss me?

9 Sep

Wow, I am embarrassed to see that my last post was Aug, 18!  Wow, how time flies, and I’m not really having any FUN either!!!  As most of you know, my youngest had a bit of and ordeal with her legs/hips and we ended up down at the UCSF Children’s Hospital.  We had her in the hospital locally, she was released and we brought her home.  We brought her home, she was great, running around having fun and then went to bed and woke up 3 hours later in severe pain again.  This time, her doctor said take her to San Francisco, they are waiting for you.  Well that is great, except, I have 6 other kids in school and not to mention, San Francisco is about a 4 hour TRIP!!!  Long story short, she is fine.  We were so blessed to have so many brilliant people taking care of her, and in the end we have her home and she will have no lasting problems from this illness that took hold of her.  So my post today is for her.  You know that you are in a really great hospital when, your child has her hip tapped, and that night while lying in her hospital bed eating her “ROOM SERVICE”, watching cartoons, she says, “This was my BEST DAY EVER!!!”

So, to the folks at UCSF(even though they are not reading) a big THANK YOU!  A big hug and a big THANK YOU, to her pediatrician who made my daughter’s health his top priority, and last but not least, a big THANK YOU to our local hospital also.  Her stay locally was not near as glamorous as her San Francisco stay, but we had excellent care from the doctors, nurses and staff there too!

Our friends and family who kept the DeGruccio homestead, running, WOW!!!  Thank you also!! (None of them are reading either!)  Also, the wonderful staff at Wildwood Fitness Center, you guys ROCK!!  Thanks for keeping the gym running smoothly!!  My hubby and children, you are all soo awesome!  The hubby gets extra points for traveling to and from numerous times to see his baby girl and wifey poo and still making it into work the next day!  (OK, he’s not reading either!)  At least I feel better saying publicly thank you to all who cared, asked about her, prayed for her and our family, we have much to be grateful for.

Here are some of the pics from our excitement.

Hospital bed, notice her right leg.  When her pain was the worse, the only way she could hold her leg was bent and propped on a pillow.

Her hospital ISSUED sippy cup!

We brought her blankie from home and this shows that she really thought the only way the sound would work for the TV, was to hold it to her ear like a phone!

Look mom, NO HANDS, tv phone and showing off the sippy cup!

Talk about ROOM SERVICE, at UCSF, the bring RADIOLOGY to your room.  No being wheeled to get an X-RAY, they do it in the comfort of your own room.  This is the X-RAY machine, cute huh?

They put the X-RAY plate under her, they needed us to straighten her legs as much as possible, not an easy task!

Worn out, after a long day of tests!

Sleeping Beauty, melts my heart.

Pain medication, IV in!  She tore out her IV’s 2 different times.  When one came out and it started bleeding, she said “I’m sorry, it was an accident!”

She is showing off her MADONNA IV COVER UPS!

Vegetable Bento with her TV PHONE!!  It was right after this, while eating, she said “This is my BEST DAY EVER!”


This is her CHEESE face and me telling her we get to go home the next day!!

Next post will be the wonderful gift I got from a friend because of this ordeal with my little one!  Stay tuned 🙂


3 Responses to “Did you miss me?”

  1. Therese September 9, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    I did miss you!

    it’s so good to see her looking so happy and I’m so glad she’ll be fine. She’s sucha cutie (but she knows it, doesn’t she?) and blessed to have such a good mommy.

  2. cg September 9, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    What a brave girl…and her daughter! Love to you all.

  3. Darlene S. September 14, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    Oh, your little one is such a fighter! I’m very glad she is doing better and that you had a good experience with the hospital staff and facilities. She is such a cutie! God bless your family!

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog earlier. 🙂

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