OK, Just One More, I promise!!

3 Oct

Just one more “how do you think I did” for today, I promise!!  Tomorrow is a new day, so I can make no guarantees about what I am doing then, but for today…THIS IS REALLY IT!!

I had told you about Tuesday Trio, I have done 2 challenges so far.  I botched the 2nd challenge which was supposed to be HAPPY.

What was I thinking to put “I MISS YOU” on that HAPPY PANDA card???  Oh well, I made it up with this challenge!

Here is the sketch I worked off of:

The EXTRA CHALLENGE this week was to use NO, PINK, RED or ORANGE!!  I can confidently tell you, I used NONE of those colors! (Unless I am color blind!)

BUT, I did break the rules.  Hopefully that is ok.  I interpreted the sketch like this:

Here is my card!!

Warmer Lighting.  I never know what looks best!

If you  leave a comment, tell me, is the COOL WITH FLASH better or the WARM WITHOUT FLASH better??

Head over to Tuesday Trio to see the other submissions for this sketch.  It is so much fun to see how others interpreted the sketch.

I will be back with more fun stuff…..WHO KNOWS WHEN??????


2 Responses to “OK, Just One More, I promise!!”

  1. Dailly - TT October 3, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    That’s not breaking the rules. Rotating the sketch is perfectly ok, so feel free. Also, I incourage people to think outside the box, so if you think there are too many or not enough elements on the sketch and like to change it up a bit – go for it!

    As for the card – I like the warmer lighting. The card looks warmer this way, and in the cool light I actually thought the ribbon was black!
    I tend to find, however, that photos taken without a flash tend to be less sharp then those taken with flash…

    I love your color combo, and it’s a lovely card.

    Dailly – TT

  2. Patchi October 8, 2010 at 2:51 pm #

    What a beautiful card!

    The pictures you took with the flash look sharper, but you might need to increase your distance to get rid of the the flash reflection. To take good pictures without the flash you need a lot of light – indirect sunlight works best.

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