Do you use BIG WORDS??

5 Dec

Do you know someone who just talks way over your head?  That would be my husband sometimes. 🙂  Over at If It’s Groovy, we have a phenomenal challenge going on.

Maybe with this challenge, we can start talking over other people’s heads!!

The challenge is called OPEN YOUR DICTIONARY.  We are challenging you to go open that Webster’s collecting dust on your shelf.  Find a word, new to you, one you do not already know the meaning to and scrap a page on that word.  I had a blast with this one.  My word?


Do you know what FLORIFEROUS means? Well, head on over to If It’s Groovy and check out my page and read what I learned about the word FLORIFEROUS.

Here is a SNEAK PEAK…to see it all click here.

We now have a MR. LINKY installed so you can easily post your creation for us all to see.  I am headed over there to link up now!

Leave a comment over there for me..I would love to know what you think of my page and would love even more for you all to play along!!

Happy Sunday!

PS..I was going to try to write this post with HUGE FANTASMIC words…but it proved to be to hard for you only got the word PHENOMENAL out of me!!



One Response to “Do you use BIG WORDS??”

  1. Tammy @ Not Just Paper and Glue December 6, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    My son works in the vet field and he is always using words I have never heard of. I have no way of knowing if he knows what he is talking about or not lol Sounds like a really fun challenge

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