My First Guest Post for Tally Scrapper

21 May

I have said things here and there about being the May Design Star over at Tally, but today I am the Guest blogger as well.

That is part of my ROYAL DUTIES.  I get to create challenges, boss people around, make new friends, speak my mind and blog about anything under the sun!

Does this sound like your kind of gig?  Then you have got to join us over on Tally Scrapper.  

I will make it easy on you.  If you click the following link, it will take you directly to the TALLY SCRAPPER REGISTER page.

See how nice I am?  If you join up, my SCREEN name is of course:  


I currently have 3 challenges up that you can still get in on.

One of them, has a fabulous prize attached, this gorgeous Butterfly Set, from Cheery Lynn Designs.

Butterfly Bundles

To be in the running to win this set, valued at $24.95, all you have to do is participate in my

INSANE Pop-Up Challenge

Currently there are only 2 submissions, so if you want to get in on this giveaway, click the above link.

You need to be a TALLY SCRAPPER member, which is easy to do.  Make your challenge card and get it uploaded ASAP!

My other 2 challenges are:



I can’t say enough about my experience with Tally.  I have made more new friends there, than anything else I have done online?  Why?  There is a strong connection we all share.  It is more than just crafting.  Part of it is unspoken. Part of it is respect. Part of it is just the best of the best join there.

Part of it is our fearless leader ~PINKY~

Part of it is the best ever DESIGN TEAM.

Part of it is the dreamy MONTHLY KITS:

MAY’S TALLY KIT in stock now

Click the link to order:


Pre order’s for JUNE’S KIT click here:

You are just going to have to try it out to know what I am talking about.

In the near future, I will be hosting a Membership pledge of  my own to rally some newbies up for the Tally Scrapper site.  So be on the look out for my giveaway when I do that post.

Ok, now I am going to get to my real post.  The other stuff was just VIP info I wanted to pass on to you!

As the May Tally Design Star, my guest blog post in going to be a small peak in to my crafting space and a short


Here we have a before pic of the main part of my craft room, my craft table.

I know, WHAT A MESS!!

I was driving myself crazy with the current set up.

(hmmm, I wonder why?)

I tried to have EVERYTHING within arms reach and it was all turning into one gigantic pile of MESS.

 I decided to take a shot of the whole messy table, as I was starting my organization brain child project. You can see the beginnings of my paper piecings in the lower mid section of my table.

I started with 2 empty plastic shoe boxes, available just about anywhere.  I have about 300 or so of these lying around, at least it feels like it!

Nothing fancy, just plastic. Toss the lids!

 I used some leftover wall paper borders I had, border stickers, decorative print papers, washi tape, laminator and strong adhesive.

All the products are attached to the outside.  I made each side one at a time and laminated the pieces before adhering them to the plastic boxes.

Here are the final products.

A view of the other side:

Here we have them all put back together, with my fabulous organizing skills. *insert snickering here**

Hey, I have my scissors in one area, sticky stuff in one area and other related stuff I try to group together.

They look pretty on my table.  They are one of a kind.

They match my decor and they make me happy.

The cost?  NOTHING!  I had everything already to just put it these all together.

See how they match my table?

Confession, yes, I decorated the table too!

There you have it, a peek into a small part of my crafting space.

You’d have thought I would have taken a picture of the whole area all tidied up?

No such luck!

 I forgot and you would not want to see it now!  Some other day I will finish the rest of this story.

Maybe I will even tell you the story about my TABLE makeover…oooh, doesn’t that sound like a Best Seller?

My unofficial challenge is to look around you.  What do you have the supplies already for?  What can you make without going out and buying a thing?  If you create something be sure to send me some TALLY MAIL and give me a link to go and see!  I have something up my sleeves, I just need to find the time to deliver…

Maybe I will surprise you this week!

Well that is enough rambling from me!  Go out and have a great weekend!

Bye for now and thanks so much again for my Tally Star month of May!  See you in the galleries!


One Response to “My First Guest Post for Tally Scrapper”

  1. sandy May 21, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    May and June look like fun and I love your new organizers and YES! Tell us about your table!

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