Gel – A – Tins Fashion

8 Dec

Here I am today on this thrilling Thursday with a post to get your creative mojo going.

I am using the set Sweet Cakes.

To start with this project, I stamped the cupcake base and phrase and scanned it into my computer.

I then made the cupcake base in 3 colors and enlarged the phrase so that is almost 2x as big as the original.

I put the printer on mirror mode and printed the images onto some t-shirt transfer paper.

I knew I wanted to have the cupcake tops in 3 different prints, so I put some fusible web on the back of my fabrics.

I trimmed the excess fabric off, so that when I stamped the front of the fabric, no matter where, I knew I would have the fusible web for stabilization on the back.

Here are my tops ready to be trimmed, however I will only trim the bottom of the cupcakes at this point.

With the tops ready to go, I need to iron on my cupcake liners and phrase.

Here they are ready to go.

I do not like to used the iron on adhesives, so I just tacked the tops down with some Fabri Tac.

Next step is to satin-stitch along the cupcake top’s outlines.

Here you can see they are all stitched and now I need to trim off the excess fabric.  I choose to do it this way because it is easier for me to stitch when I have a bit of a “buffer zone”.

Cupcakes are done.

Here is the happy girl with her new outfit.

I think this is such a fun way to use stamps.

She agrees!

What stamps do you have lying around that you could try something like this with?

Think of the possibilities, they are endless!

If you think you might try it out, you have to let us know and give us a link to come and see your creation!

This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today’s post!

I hope you are inspired to do something fun.

3 Responses to “Gel – A – Tins Fashion”

  1. Donna Woods December 8, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

    Pretty Cute!! The shirt and your little cupcake are just precious!

  2. amy December 8, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    Sooo super cute! Really excited to be on 2 design teams with you!!

  3. Marianne #6701 December 8, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    You are just amazing! I would have never thought of that and it is adorable! Great job! You certainly have one pleased little model on your hands =)

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