The Polka Cabana Etsy Store

22 Feb

The Polka Cabana on Etsy

To all my blog followers, I am trying really hard to get many of my items listed on Etsy.  It is time-consuming, but I ask for your patience while I try to get through hundreds of items to list.  There is a small amount of things in my store now and my goal is to add more items every day.

Maybe one of your favorites that I have created is in the store now.

If you are one of my blog followers, you are getting this email and that means you qualify for a limited time discount.  The Coupon Code is:


It should(fingers crossed) allow you to take 10% off your purchase.  I will keep this coupon active through the end of March so that you can take advantage of anything I post in the store until then.

It is not much I realize, but I wanted to do something to let you all know, I do not know where I would be without your kind words and positive affirmations.  I read every single comment and wish I had the time each day to write you all a thank you note for your nice compliments.

So remember the coupon code:


Come on over to The SHOP and see what is there:)


One Response to “The Polka Cabana Etsy Store”

  1. Donna Woods February 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Thank you! Can’t wait to play!

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