A Mushroom Recap

12 May

This is going to be a quick recap using my FAVORITE little Mushroom Stamps.  I have been sick, oh so sick, and need a couple more hours to finish up on my other Rubbermoon project.

But, I wanted to show you just how many things and how many different TYPES if things I have made with just a couple of the RUBBERMOON stamps.

This was last months project, the one I made with things I had inherited from my mom…


Using the same stamp plus some others, I was able to digitally create this shirt for a sweet friend.

Project 1

Project 1a

Then using my same magic WOW, computer skills that I used on the above T-shirt, I was able to make this plaque.  Do you want to know something pretty cool?

She loved all this so much, and my phrase, she’s actully having the phrase tattooed to her back.  I tole her that is awesome, because then I can tell people, something I made up has been, “published.”

Project 2

Project 2a

Project 2b

Then there was this book mark too!

Project 3

Project 3a

So can you see how versatile stamps are.  You do not need a million to create with, just a couple you really like and the sky is the limit!

I will be making another post soon, so come back then to see what I have created, sans mushrooms!!

4 Responses to “A Mushroom Recap”

  1. Rush'd Lady May 14, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Cute mushroom! Is the mushroom by a defunct company? Just curious.

  2. Rush'd Lady July 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    Jeanne, don’t worry, you are forgiven. This week, I was reminded once again in my own personal life that we all have off days ;). Actually, I have never heard of Rubber Moon brand of stamps. Most of my rubber stamps have been purchased used or on clearance or on sale. I was immediately attracted to your style on Pinterest because I like Mary Engelbreit and Veggie Tales (We taught pre-school Sunday School & our room was decorated in Veggie Tales). My husband likes Tim Holtz, so I’ve been trying to cut down my purchases to those two styles of stamps and other crafting goodies. I want to learn the how-to’s of those styles, since both are old-fashioned in nature. Thank you for trying to make it right and visiting my blog. It shows you have a lot of character! Have a great day! 🙂

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