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It all started with this little guy…..

22 Nov

Once upon a time…there was a little ADORABLE alien, that I found online.

I was making some cards for THE RONDALD MCDONALD HOUSE for boys, and I happened upon this little guy.  I found him on my Jamie Lane’s blog, BITS OF PAPER.

The alien is based on a drawing by Jamie’s sister.  Her  blog is called ART BY J. M. RUSH, oh please treat yourself and look at her art!!

Here is the original  NON, CUT FILE alien!!

Here is the card I created, with this alien of Jamie and her sisters.

Here is the ALIEN!!

I think I must have read on Jamie’s blog…if we use the file..she’d love to see what we did with it.  So, for some reason, I took a picture of it and sent it to her.

At that point..I was only creating sporadically, I had not blog…no time, etc.  Jamie really liked the card and we got to emailing back and forth and really, she IS the reason, I have a blog.

Maybe she saw some potential or something in my little ALIEN card or something, but she has been a true inspiration and mentor to me in this BLOG world.

She has given me leads, advice, ideas and let’s not forget, she has given my my all time FAVORITE paper punch in the world.

We did a trade of sorts…and this is one of the things she sent me, along with some of the most fabulous and fun products ever, have I said thank you Jamie, I mean thank you, enough, yet?  I don’t think so.

Jamie creates for lots of wonderful name a few…

I am certain this list will continue to grow, she is so talented.

You can look at the wonderful assortment of freebie patterns Jamie has on her blog.  Once again the link is

Her files are located in the RIGHT HAND COLUMN and are under the title;  Free SCAL & SVG Files

I had asked for ideas on things to see on my blog, Jamie mentioned she’d like for me to show the process of how I edit some of my pictures.  So today, let me give you a brief overview on my favorite things to use in  Photoshop Elements.  Todays subject..two ADORABLE little kids that belong to a really wonderful person!


Really, there is not a lot to do to this, this is a WONDERFUL picture!  But..we can still play right?

With this one, I just did some basic adjustments.

I saved this one as GLOW, so I must have diffused some glow on this one. 🙂

This one, here I applied a TTV frame to and also I mimicked an action that I love from Paint Shop Pro called the GLAMOR effect.


This one, I did a lot to.  It is fun and would be a great picture for a special occasion or scrapbook page.


Here is my Final…and my favorite.  I will attempt to tell you how (the recipe) for this one.


With this, I started with my original photo, and immediately duplicated the layers of this photo 2 times.

The 1st layer (the 1st copy – not the origianl background layer) I applied a Gaussian blur to this layer.

The 2nd layer (again not the background layer) I applied a blending layer called Color Burn and left it at 100%.

Next I applied my TTV frame.

I sized it to where I wanted it to fit the picture and dropped my opacity down to 21%.

I this duplicated that layer (set at 21%) and set that layer’s opacity to 13%.

Lastly I duplicated that layer (set at 13%) and set that layer’s opacity to 2%.

I have noticed that when I start editing pictures, I never or rarely take the same path twice.  It is all about playing.  You never copy or save over your original, so there is really nothing to lose!

Today’s FREEBIE, in honor of JAMIE, will be and EDITED picture of your choice by me.

I will take you picture and do these kind of effect to them and send you back your files to print or use digitally.

Remember it has to be a high quality pixel picture and not 72 dpi or something like that.

Please visit Jamie and if you do let her know that Jeannie sent you over!

Leave a comment and on next MONDAY’s post, I will announce the winner!  Send you friend over and they mention your get an EXTRA ENTRY!

  • Leave a comment = One Entry
  • Send a Friend = One Entry
  • Follow my Blog = One Entry
  • Visit Jamie and leave a comment = One Entry
  • Fiskateer’s post your Fiskateer Number in comment = One Entry

Be sure to let me know HOW MANY entries you qualify for and what photo technique is your favorite.


Lastly, Jamie gave me some wonderful tips on things to make with SHRINK FILM.  Remember SHRINKY DINKS???

GRAFIX ARTS’s is re-releasing their BLACK shrink film.  I had so much fun playing around with this stuff.  Let me show you some things I made using this film.

Be sure to check out BOTH SMILE BOX videos as they are of different projects using that FABULOUS film.  You can purchase from GRAFIX here:

Thanks for letting me introduce Jamie to you…I hope you have enjoyed my TRIBUTE of sorts, to her!!



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Blogging = Opposite of Stress Therapy!

2 May

Remembering I am talking to myself….(THIS IS CRAZY)…I am frustrated trying to figure this whole thing out…How to get followers etc…What on earth I can possible share will you all that thousands, if not millions of others, already have….  Oh well, I will keep plugging along…after all not all blogs have a “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” type composer!  That is how I look at myself…Like Mr. Toad driving crazy like he does, trying to navigate this blog!!

We just watched the Frog Princess yesterday…since I have no frog projects or Princess projects…I will share my cards that I did for a swap on SPLIT COAST STAMPERS that benefits the Ronald McDonald house.  I did 3 swaps for the lady in charge.  A boy Birthday card, A girl Birthday card, and a Thank-You Card..sadly the 2 people following me have already seen these…but pretend to be surprised!!!!

Boy Birthday Card

The cute little alien is a cut file that Jamie from, shared… Thanks Jamie!!

Outta this World!!

Boy Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Outta this World!!

Boy Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Outta this World!!

Boy Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Outta this World!!

Boy Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Here is the Little Girl Birthday Card…

I used a cut file from…SVGCUT.COM and also the LITTLE LADY stamp set from

Little Lady

Girl Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Little Lady

Girl Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Little Lady

Girl Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Little Lady

Girl Birthday Card for Ronald McDonald House

Lastly, the Thank-You cards.  This is a cut file I bought from Therese’s ETSY Store:  I put some eyes on her and gave her a strawberry to hold…I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!  So much fun to work with!!

Front of Thank-You Card

Front with flash ON.

Inside of Thank -You card.

Inside Close Up.

One Last picture of Card FRONT.

Ok, I am done!  This post only took me 4 hours or so!!  My word!!  Will I have time for this?  Hope to get an ETSY store stocked with stuff to look at and buy from someday!!  I will keep you posted on that!  Ta ta for now!!