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Sweet Stamp – Challenge #29 “White on White”

23 Aug

A new week means a new challenge!!! This week on the Sweet Stamps blog our new challenge is called “White on White.”

Here is what I came up with.

For this card I used the following items from the Sweet store.

Daisy Duo

Firewheel Duo

You are Loved

Slotted Flower Dies

Tropical Flourish

Tropical Leaves

XL Scalloped Circles

I started out with a Scalloped Circle card base.

On the card base, I started making different layers with the flowers, flourish etc.

The above picture is a close up of the tiny glass beads I attached to the middle of these flowers.

For the “White on White” challenge, you can only use WHITE paper and the only color can be in your ink.

If you are up for the challenge, come on over and join us.

Maybe you could be the winner of the $20.00 gift certificate to Sweet that one random person will win.






Friday Fun with Cheery Lynn Designs and Grafix Arts

21 Jul
Today I am going to give you a mini tutorial.
Very mini as I will show you the 1st couple of steps and
then you get to do your own thing past what I share.
I saw this done by
Rhonna Farrer, she calls them Lollipops.
Mine are called CUTE FLOWER ON A STICK!
I am so creative, I just can’t help it!
What makes mine unique is that mine are made with some really fun papers from Grafix Art called:
To start the CUTE FLOWER ON A STICK project, you will need some paper cut into 4 x 5 inches. I used 4 pieces of the SILVER METALLIC BOARD.
I also used my Wittle Weaver 1/2″ strip die with the Thin Embossing Pad.

By using the embossing pad, this embosses perfectly measures fold marks for these flowers.
First step, you guessed it, do the accordion fold with all 4 pieces of paper.

Next, fold each accordion in half.
Glue the center seam of each piece to create these fan shapes.

Next glue all four fans together and look a Jello mold!!
Now from here you can do whatever you want, however,
I do not recommend pouring Jello into it!

I used so many dies on this, where do I begin?

After I got the Silver Flower Base all formed, I started by putting a white HEARTLAND AMERICANA Heart down and then trimmed the white heart with the Polka Dot Pink paper.

After that I used the FANCIFUL FLOURISH and cut it out with the sparkly green FUNKY FILM.

I used an assortment of papers and more sparkly FUNKY FILM that is pinkish peach with the JUDY’S BLOOM die.

I got this cute little box from my local Ben Franklin Craft store. They have these bins that are full of $1.00 items and this little box (originally blue) was one of my finds in the dollar bins.

I covered the box with matching paper and FUNKY FILM flowers. I poured rice in a baggie and made some tulle puffs to disguise the rice.

I then stuck my CUTE FLOWER ON A STICK in the rice and created this adorable centerpiece.

Wouldn’t this be fantastic as a centerpiece for a little princess?
My princess thinks so!
Have a great weekend, be sure to visit us and see what the other Design Team members are up to!
This has been Jeannie with THE POLKA CABANA with your Friday Fun!
Cheery Lynn dies & products used in today’s project:

Flower tutorial, think Spring!!

11 Mar
Last Saturday, I gave you a tutorial for making what I called a CHEERY BLOOM.  Today I am showing a different version of this same type of flower.
As a refresher, here was last weeks final product:

The main Die used on these flowers is WITTLE WICKER 1/4″ Strips.
The next flower is assembled much the same way.
Start with the strips cut from the WITTLE WICKER die.
This time I just kept them together and did not separate them.

This is my coordinating paper, the faint pink is where I have applied the adhesive in a straight line.

Next, I have folded the strips in half to seal them together with the adhesive applied as described above.

Here are all the pieces, ready for assembly.

Apply adhesive generously to the back of your base.

You can separate the individual pieces, and using the flower circle as pictured above, start forming the bloom by inserting the petals(wickers) through the center of the flower shape.

This is what the pieces will look like before you FOLD them down.  Keep adding strips until you have built a nice full base.

After you get the 1st layer done, cover up the back with a matching piece, with NO circle cut out in the center.

This makes the back of the flower look nice and neat.

For the 2nd layer, I put a big dollop of glue in the center and starting placing individual strips in the glue.

Keep placing the strips into the glue until the flower is to your liking in fulness. Next, it is time for the buttons!

Stack some buttons to create a nice center and sew them together tightly, using a heavy duty thread.

I prefer to hot glue the buttons to the center of the flower.  Here is the final product ready to go on a card.

Here I have taken a piece of Core’ dinations cardstock from the Black Magic collection.  I cut the large circle with the Large Stackers Scalloped Circle set.  Then I embossed the circle using the ECCENTRIC CIRCLES plate.

Here is the background of my card, sanded to show the magic of the Core’ dinations cardstock.

I love the way this turned out.  The WITTLE WICKERS made the creation of this flower a breeze.

Side view:

Close up:

Saturday treat with Cheery Lynn Designs

5 Mar
Hello Everyone, it is me Jeannie on a Saturday!
Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Today I have such a treat for you, a little tutorial.
You might have seen these flowers in other places, maybe even made them yourself, but I am going to show you where Cheery Lynn Dies will come in and save you some time and sanity with these flowers.
I have no idea if these have a name, I feel like I sort of made my own version here, I am calling it a Cheery Bloom!
How is that for a name?
On with the tutorial.
Here is what I started out with.  Some scrap pieces of paper and my Wittle Wicker 1/4″ stripsdie.

Next, I cut a lot of Wittle Wickers.  Remember these are 1/4 of an inch.
You need a lot of strips to make my Cheery Bloom, do you know how hard it is to cut 1/4 of an inch on my HUGE paper cutter?

Running the paper and die through my Big Shot is a breeze and cuts LOTS of strips at one time. Here are 2 even (approx.) piles ready to go!

I trimmed one pile to be 3 1/2″ long and the other pile to be 2 3/4″ long.

At this point I make sure I have my new love, QUICK DRY Tacky Glue.

I start by getting a pile of glue in the center of a 2 inch circular piece of card stock.
After the glue is in place, I start gluing my strips all around. you want to start with your strips RIGHT SIDE in glue and WRONG SIDE facing up.

Just keep gluing until no more strips will fit.
Fan them all around like you are making a sunshine. Keep a napkin close by to daub and extra glue that is in your way.

At this point I had already started to fold over my strips and started to glue them all down, creating that nice open ribbon look.

Here I am almost done with the BASE layer.

Now I am creating a lot of loops to have so I can start building up the blossom.
I have a small pool of glue on a scrap paper and some on my index finger for QUICK and FAST loop assembly.

Here you can see I have a lot of loops ready to go, and the BLOOM on the left ready for some fluff from those loops.

I once again, created a pool of glue in the center
. Then I just kept grabbing those loops and gluing into that pool of glue.

Here is the BLOOM all completed.

Aerial view, you can see how full and colorful it is. It is about 3 1/2″ to 4″ across.

The CHEERY BLOOM is ready for a project.

Here is where the CHEERY BLOOM landed!  Right on top of a gift box with my PEA duo.

This would be perfect for a newlywed or anniversary gift.
Put some gift cards for some stores or restaurants in it for the happy couple.

For this gift box, I used one that I already had and added some CHEERY LYNN wow to it.

I ran the entire box through the Big Shot with my LARGE STITCHING PLATE to create a wonderful texture on the whole box.
By running it through the machine, it softened the paper up and made folding this intricate box a snap!
The grooves just bent easily into place, it was awesome!

On the side panels, I also ran them through the Big Shot, but this time I used the LARGE CIRCLE STITCH ER PLATE.
It created a wonderful circular pattern on all the panels.
In this picture, I have really adjusted the coloring so you can see the pattern the plates leave.
I also zig-zagged the panels to the box, and I really feel the stitching plates cut down on the chore of running paper through my sewing machine.

So there you have it, my own version of this strip flower.
I have created another type of this flower and I will share that tutorial next week on FRIDAY, my normal day
. So check back with me then! You need a sneak peak?
OK!! I can do that!
Here you go!

This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana sharing the joy of Cheery Lynn Dies!