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Wednesday Wowzer & Tribute

26 Sep
Today it’s all about Amy.
We here at I Heart {ippity} are not just team mates but buddies.
We have a forum where we chat and check in with each other, lift each other up when needed, etc.
Well I felt a need to dedicate today’s post to Amy.
Now that might sound silly, right?  I mean you could say, you guys just are on a team, you’ve never met!!
Well there you’d be wrong!!
Here we are
I got to meet Amy earlier this year!
I just felt like I lived closer to her, she’d be someone I’d hang out with all the time!  She is such a doll!
(Left is me, right is Amy)
Here is a cute thought I came across to go with this post.
What better kind of helmet, than a CROWN?
I am using the {ippity} set called Dream a little Dream.
What do you think?  Perfect to cheer someone up?  Right?
Now I’ll have to figure how to whisk her off to this Spa in Tuscany and I will have truly made her Queen for the Day!
I hope you have enjoyed my little Amy tribute and Wednesday Wowzer!
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana posting for I Heart {ippity}, have a great day!
This is me today….

A “Dreamy” Card

25 Apr
Hello and happy Wednesday to everyone!!  Today I have a card of all cards to share today!
I am using this awesome sketch that Mojo Monday has up.  Sketch # 238.


I am using the set called Dream a Little Dream.
I don’t know if you can really see all the detail in this card but…
I have just started learning some new techniques in one of Christy Tomlinson’s online classes.
Although I do not have a lot (if any) of the supplies she uses, I improvised on this card.
Also, I made the card out of a piece of transparency paper, so it is really a unique card!
So there you have it…my attempt to WOW you all today!!  How did I do?
I had such a fun time making this card and I hope you enjoyed my post today.
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today’s “Dream” card!