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Just how GROOVY do you think you are??

21 Oct

One of the design teams I am on is for the If it’s Groovy website.

They have an open Design Team Call.  If you have what it takes…if you are GROOVY enough, you have to check it out!!  Apply and we can be team mates!!  If you apply let Groovy Deb know I sent you over!


I am the FEATURED artist today! (We all get a chance in the spot light)  My post today is about or October Challenge.

Our Leader, Groovy Deb, has the most amazing challenges.  The Challenge this month is called Translations.

We needed to come up with a layout that featured a different language.  Having a mom(I’m lucky enough to have 2…long story there!)  anywho..having a mom who is full do the math..that makes me half!!  This year I am glad to say that I got my self enrolled with my tribe and gave them the honor of adding all 7 of my kids to the tribe also!  WHEW!!  Yep the Navajo Nation is up by 7, at least, this year thanks to me!

For this page, all my Titles are in Navajo.  I had to consult my mom and cousins on the spelling.  I hope you enjoy the page.



The journaling on it says:



House of the Dark Cliffs People


I feel very honored to be Native American.  In 2004, my husband, all my children and I went to Ganado, Arizona, where my grandmother lives.  It was my first trip to the reservation and it was a humbling experience.

Do I feel sad that I was not raised on the reservation?

Maybe, but it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t change the outcome of my life for anything.

I am blessed to have 2 families, the family that raised me and that family that is my blood, my clan.

I am Jeannie DeGruccio and I am Tséníjíkiní.



That is all for today!  But remember, if you have thought at all about being part of a fun team..check out If it’s Groovy’s Design Team call.

Special Day today!!!

2 Oct

Be sure to read all the way down to the last line..for my exciting news!!

It is October 2nd, 2010!

What makes that so special?  Well first, it is the “hubby’s” birthday!  Sooo Happy Birthday to him!  He is not big on birthdays, but I did make him breakfast and will make something yummy for dinner and dessert.  Whatever dessert it is, it has to be a CHOCOLATE CAKE.  SO I will have to find a good recipe!  My 3rd oldest son turned 14, 2 days ago and I still need to make his birthday dinner and dessert too!

Why can’t they just all like the same thing??

Me with the BIRTHDAY BOYS, beginning of this summer!

Today is also WORLD CARD MAKING DAY.   Click on this HERE link to get some info about this day.  So in honor of this day, I would like to honor my Mom a little bit.  I have said before what an awesome card maker she was.  She passed away in 2008, but some days it still hurts like it was yesterday.  All she wanted was to see her grandkids growing up, so I hope she has a nice front row seat up in heaved to see all the action.  We certainly put on a good show for her I am certain!

So, if she were here, I would try to be with her today and make some…..CARDS!!  Sadly, she is not, so I will do some cards today in her honor.  I have some challenges to get done, so why not today, right?

I love you mom!  You had such a talent, even though you thought you were all thumbs.  I would never have the patience to do some of the cards you made, I also don’t know how I will ever be able to part with them.  I know they are only cards and you are not IN them, so why is it still so hard to part with your worldly items?  Maybe someday for someone very special, until then, I will just hold them close.

Here she is!  The Queen Card Maker!!

Another of her with her favorite and only grandkids (because I am her only daughter!)

Happy Card Making Day everyone!!!

If you go to the IF IT’S GROOVY BLOG, there is a slide show of our team members cards to enjoy!

Last Bit of info:

I have been invited to join THE LOLLIPOP PRESS as one of their HYBRID DESIGNERS!!  Hop on over

and browse her scrapbooking items, they are very, very cute!

OK, really that is all for today!!!

What artist inspires you???

30 Sep

I design for a fun, fun blog called, If It’s Groovy.  We call ourselves the Groovy Chicks!

One of our most recent challenges was to find an artist inspires us, and do a layout based on one of their pieces of art.  Here is the info about my ARTIST!

This was great fun. I chose to go a little un-traditional and chose and artist that might not fall under the same category as the MASTERS.

Ever since I was a child I have loved BARBAR THE ELEPHANT. I can remember the stories even as I sit and write this. The paintings are always done in bright cheery colors. I think that must

be why I like Laurent de Brunhoff, so much.

The BARBAR paintings were originally done by Jean de Brunhoff. Laurent, his son, took over BARBAR when his dad died of tuberulosis at the age of 37.

This page is dedicated to my older son because 2 of his favorite things in the world are elephants and hot air balloons.

Here is the painting I chose:

Here is my layout based on the painting:

Close up upper page:

Close up: Lower half-

The phrase on the Layout says:

“Life affords no greater


no greater PRIVILEGE,

than the RAISING  of

the next


I always love feed back, let me know how you liked this challenge and check out the

If it’s Groovy blog

for the other team members layouts.