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Why am I blogging at 2:45 in the MORNING??

4 Dec

I should be sleeping.  I should be doing lots..but here I am writing.  Could it me that I am a little (or a lot) nervous about my new adventure?  I am getting pretty close to my MAX on teams and these are 2 more I am so proud to tell you about.

They are somewhat related, so I might as well introduce them at the same time!

I will be writing some FUN and INFORMATIONAL articles for the FABULOUS publication Ginger Scraps Magazine.  They are part of the Scrap Street publication.


Ginger Scraps will focus on Digital and Hybrid creations.

They put all of on the official BLOG today:  You can view it here. (I am slightly star struck!)

After accepting with them I hooked up with JULIE of  CREATIONS BY JULIE at Ginger Scraps, and I will be making some things with her as part of her Creative Team.

She has got some FABULOUS templates to use.

Here is an example: (from her website)

Here is what she made. (I have not had a chance to make anything to show, YET.)


She is an AWESOME photographer too! (Not jealous at all!)

So, maybe this is why I am writing instead of sleeping.  But, you know what?  I am soo excited.

Maybe there is some reason I have a “gift” with paper.  This all is part of journey.  Where will it lead me now?

Who knows, but I am enjoying the ride!

Ok, friends, co-workers, muses, etc.  I am going to BED!!