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My first Challenge for Tally Scrapper, come play along!

4 May

Now, I know I have been mentioning Tally Scrapper a lot, lately.  Why?  Because they are the BEST challenge blog there is.

I have tried others before, but there is something about the ladies on Tally Scrapper, well you feel like you have found home once you are there.

I entered a challenge to be their  MAY DESIGN STAR and I made it!  I have been working with this GORGEOUS kit I received as the STAR!

Goodness, I am a star!  Here is the link to prove it:

I am sooooooooo excited!

As I am a star, I am making a card challenge for the ladies.  Here is the LINK to my CHALLENGE.

I found this wonderful card online, see HERE:

She has a tutorial up that is HERE:

Maybe I am tutorially challenged, but I needed MORE!

I thought if I need more instruction, surely one with less card making knowledge than I have, would need MORE too!

So, I have revamped the tutorial to hopefully suit any level of card making skills, that you all have out there.

These are instructions for a card that will measure 5″ wide and 7″ tall.

Start with 2 – 12 x 12 pieces of paper and cut them down to ‘

10 long and 7 inches high.

Score the paper for the CARD FRONT down the middle the 10 inch side at the half way point.

5 inches:)

Then fold.

On the paper for the inside, turn it to the WRONG SIDE and mark your middle point.

If you have a score board, line your MIDDLE POINT  up with the word CENTER on the score board.

score lightly down the center.

Now, on that card center line you just scored, mark 1 1/2′ from each edge.

Then be sure to make those marks longer lines, like this.

The reason why, once you get a punch in there, you will want the hole you punch to be horizontally straight, the line help you line the punch up easily.

You will take you punch, like this one and only cut half the length of the punch out.

When done, you folded in half paper will look like this.

Here is what it looks like open, with the wrong side facing up.

Here is what you want to do next…you want the are in-between the cut out punches to fold along the score line going in,

like you are tucking that portion of the paper in while folding in half.

Here is a side view of what is happening to that center portion.

Now, glue with a ATG gun type glue the WRONG SIDES together or your card.

Here one side is done, I am getting ready to put the adhesive on the other side. (The white paper)

The pink indicates where I have applied the adhesive.

Here are all my butterflies cut out ready to go.

I have used my CHEERY LYNN DESIGNS dies.



Spray them all to make them shimmery!

Now fold about 1/2 inch on the right side of what ever image you are using.  Stamps, paper, dies what ever it is.

Here is the butterfly, wrong side up with it’d folded part showing. Put your adhesive on that folded up side.  The adhesive goes on the part of the butterfly that would be considered RIGHT SIDE.

Adhesive is on the far left side that is facing out towards the left of the picture.

Take that adhesive edge and stick it down to that CENTER PORTION that pops up.

Add another large image, here I applied a tab to help with the glue, since I am using a design with so many openings.

Now, personally I was bothered how the weight of the butterflies, and I would assume anything you use, kept flopping forward to the right side of the card.

Thus, obstructing the view of anything I might want to place there.

My solution was to fold 1/4″ strips of paper in zig zag fashion and attach them to the back of  my images and the Left side of the Card.

You can see in a couple of images down, how these work.

Finished card front, nothing magic, just decorate the front.

I am again using items from the fabulous MAY TALLY KIT.

Here is the inside of the card.

A close-up.

Here  you can see the anchors on the backs of my pop-ups.

Another view of how the whole pop up works.

Once again, the finished product.

Now for those of you who are on Tally, or want to join, I am hosting a challenge for you to use this tutorial and make one of these cards however you want to!

The winner of the challenge, (done with TALLY POINTS) will win this


Valued at $24.95

The only catch is you have to do it the TALLY way!

So, go join up on Tally Scrapper and play along!


Hold on to your Easter Basket!!!

8 Apr
If you are here for the NO HOUSEWORK BLOG HOP, GO HERE:
If you are here for Cherry Lynn fun and OODLES OF EASTER IDEAS, keep on reading!!
I have got such a treat for you today!
Do you realize Easter is in 16 more days?
That is a lot of days left to get some cute goodies made for friends and family.
I have some great ideas for Easter Home Decor, gifts, baskets, place settings if you use your creative imagination.
First, you could use this for a cute decoration on the Easter table. Put a plastic one filled with goodies at each place setting. That would be so cute!
To make this, I took our French Pastry Doily , got it wet, and molded it around a narrow glass vase. To speed up the molding process, I dried it CAREFULLY, with my embossing dryer. I sealed it with hairspray to hold the shape.

The flowers are made from the PRETTY PETAL die.
My next project is this little bag.
It measures 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.
How do you like that bicycle?
I made the bag base from the largest die of the FRENCH FLAIR SQUARES.
I then did a strip of paper down the middle to create the small bag.
Again, I have used the PRETTY PETAL die for the flowers.
The PRETTY PETAL is one of my favorites, can you tell?
Next up, I have another TINY project.
This is made from one of MAYA ROADS 4 inch bottle caps.
I used the EASTER PARADE die set.
There is so much detail in this die set that the color and paper combinations for this kit are endless.
I thinks the caps are about 1/2 inch in depth, so I used dimensional tape to pop these up to the surface of the cap.
I used the SCALLOPED CIRCLE Large Nesting dies, the FRENCH PASTRY DOILY and the LARGE CIRCLE STITCH plate for the background.
My last project today is this wonderful basket.
I made my own base, in the same fashion as the bicycle bag in today’s post.
I used the largest circle from the Scalloped Circle Large Stackers and the Large Circle Pierce plate for the base.
The bunny is called BUNNY IN BASKET.
To add a special touch to the eggs, I used very small rub-ons.
I added some candy,
colorful tissue paper and decorative flowers to finish this with lots of color.
Why did I make so many things?
I wanted to make sure you knew how many fabulous dies Cheery Lynn has for your Easter Crafts.
Next week maybe we will have to see what my Little Veggies are doing for Easter!
Until then, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with your Easter ideas:)
Dies used in today’s projects:

Sketch Challenge with Sweet Stamps

1 Mar

WOw, I almost did not make it for this week’s challenge.  I had spent so much time on my card, took pictures of it and everything.  I was getting ready to edit them, when I realized I had done the WRONG week.  So, this card that you are seeing, was done in record time, after I realized my mistake.

Here is the sketch for this weeks challenge.

Here is what  I cam up with in under an hour and a bandaged index finger!

It was late at night, lighting was not in my favor, but here is another look.

Clearly I did not use a LARGE stamp.  The stamps I used are my sentiment Butterfly Kisses and the frames around my 3 paper flowers, on the right hand side of the butterfly.  The frame is called, Postage Stamp Frame.

I added some visual interest with my sewing machine.  I used to be a nay sayer about sewing and paper products.  I used to thing those who did, were like DIVA’s going WAY overboard.  Now, her I am a sewing Diva!  I can’t seem to not want to use my machine on my projects now.

I used my Cheery Lynn Dies on almost everything here.  The Butterfly is called Oriental Butterfly Doily Die, she(the butterfly) is resting on a combination of the French Pastry Doily and a Scalloped Circle XL die.

There you have it, my barely in time card.  See what a gorgeous card you can make in a pinch?  See you later this week with more fun stuff!


Bye for now!!

Tiffany Doodles New Images…..

16 Feb

Spring is trying it’s best to get here.  Tiffany has made some of the most adorable bird stamps.  You do not have to be a bird lover or watcher to enjoy these furry little ones.  All week we can give SNEAK PEAKS.  Yesterday the  Bluebird family debuted. 


Today the Warbler & Cherry Blossom struts her stuff.


That’s all I can show for now.  I have another 2 to show you, one tomorrow(Thursday) and one on Friday. 

I made a wonderful card to share on Friday bundle of feathers!  Please stop by to see the sneak peaks and come back again Friday to see my creation:)

All the Images will be avail for purchase on Friday, Feb. 18th 2011 at TIFFANY DOOLES.COM.

If that weren’t enough, she has got a sale going on too!!  Great time to pick up some Digi’s for that Library you are creating!!


Go out, enjoy what ever weather you are having and MAKE a great day!

A long overdue gift…

11 Feb

If a law were to be passed that said we all had to change our names to highlight our hangups or weaknesses, my name would have to be, “I really meant to, had the best intentions, where did the day go, DeGruccio.”

I have a wonderful friend and co-worker.  I have had many plans over the 7 or so years I have known her to MAKE things for her.  Awhile ago I made her some cards and she loved them so much, she said she’d never use them..oops!  So, I knew the next time I made her something it’d have to be a gift that she did not need to give away. My lovely friend is a Krishna Devotee.  Now, before you think back on any movies you have seen with Hollywood’s version of the Hare Krishna’s, that is not Judy. 

 I tend to be somewhat open-minded when it comes to religion.  I mean that I think in this life we are living, there really needs to be more acceptance and love for the religions we have.  We were not put on this earth to judge one another or ones, beliefs, that is not our place.  Maybe I am more open to listen and appreciate other religions because I myself, belong to a church that the mainstream media loves to distort.  Goodness, I think there is even a HBO show that has tried to bring back the whole idea that our church still practices plural marriage!  ****ROLLING MY EYES!!!!*****  Since my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, tends to be a religion that some love to hate, I am very sympathetic and unwilling to believe stereotypes of others too easily.

Judy, has to be on of the most gracious, kind, peaceful, loving unselfish, (I could go on and on here..) people I know.  I would trust her with my life and would do anything to help her, or make her happy.  She is just GOOD! 

Keeping that in mind, and back to my LONG OVERDUE GIFT, I have had an idea of something to make for her for a while.  This is where one of other favorite people come in.  THERESE TRAVIS, the brilliant artist behind all my fairies and other creations, made an Angel for me, based on Judy.  I emailed her this picture of my friend:)

This is Judy at home in front of the Temple that she and her hubby built on their land.  It is truly beautiful and they welcome, any and all to come and visit. 

 Without further ado, here is the Angel Judy.  This is the DIGI STAMP version.


Here is another picture, I always love to try to photgraph the layers and detail.


Now, because Therese is just AWESOME, she also did a .svg file for me.  Here is a larger version of Angel Judy, done on my Cricut.  I thought I was done and then I realized I’d forgotten to put her earrings on!  OOPS!


Here she is with her earrings, some additional work to her hair and her wings!


Another close-up for you.


My little ones, seriously could not keep their little hands off the finished product!  My 6yo son looked at Angel Judy and said, “Mommy, you are just so good at making crafts!”  Is that sweet or what?

Lastly, Judy had asked if I knew how to make business cards.  So keeping that in mind while photographing Angel Judy, I was able to turn my creation into a Digital image to use over and over again.  I knew she wanted her name on the front(she thought I was going to use a photograph of her) and on the back she wanted her chant written.  As soon as I got done with her real gift, I whipped this business card up.  I told her we can fine tune it to suit her needs, but she just smiled and said, “I LOVE THEM!”


I hope I have kept your attention for this whole post.  I have some around me who do not understand why I make things.  It might seem like a waste of time and yes I have a house that could be much cleaner, if it were not for my hobbies.  But, the look on Judy’s face and the pure joy I knew she felt to look at and hold what I made for her, reminded me why I do this.  Not for freebies, not for money(although that’d be nice…right?)  I do it because, I love creating things and even more, I love creating things FOR others.  Might seem crazy, but that’s me!

Thanks for joining me again.  Remember to stop by THERSE’s PAPERFACES DESIGNS and of course check out RHINESTONE HUES  inventory while you are there.  This project would not have been possible without either one of them!

Valentines with Cheery Lynn Designs and Sweet Stamps

8 Feb
This is a very FULL post today!  You are getting a 2 FOR TUESDAY, a DOUBLE WHAMMY a 2 FOR 1 deal today. 
Since this is my 1st post for SWEET STAMPS, let me share my creation I have made with their things first.
Sweet Stamps will be having challenges for all to participate in.  The winner of these weekly challenges will receive a $20.00 shopping spree at Sweet
This week our challenge is PINK.  Create something PINK.  Here is what I came up with. 
The Sweet Stamps I have used in this card are:  CHERRIES 311 and CHEERY HELLO 9024.
Just look at all that PINK!  Do you all know how much I love Cherries? 
The inside of the card gets a Cherry too!
One last look at my card, I just love this one!
Be sure to head on over to Sweet Stamps blog.  See what the other Design Team members have created for you to look at for the PINK CHALLENGE.  Remember, if you play along and you are the weekly winner, that $20.00 shopping spree at Sweet could be yours!

Now we will switch gears and move on to my Cheery Lynn Design project!

I think it is great fun to dedicate posts to people who have inspired me.  So, todays post is dedicated to CASSIE BOX.  She has inspired me for today’s project.  I have to say she is the BANNER MASTER. 
 This is my CHEERY LYNN version of what she does best!  Actually she does it ALL best!! 
I have wanted to make one of these for a while.  Have you seen a ROUND one of these somewhere?   I haven’t and thought it’d be great to try.
 I love the way it has turned out. 
My LOVE banner.

Here is a close up of each letter. I used some large letters I had and on each letter I used the OPTIMISTIC font dies to spell LOVE.

The heart buttons are from the BUTTONS5 set. The ladybugs are from LADY BUG FRAME.


The backgrounds and base are made up of the CIRCLE – SCALLOPED STACKERS

 Let me pause a moment to say here, that the ITALIAN FLOURISH DOILY, just might be the best die in the world.  I am so in love with this doily die!


My flowers are my own made up version of the roly poly’s you see everywhere. But you have not seen those roly poly’s paired with these beautiful leaves from the DIMENSIONAL LARGE LEAVES #1 collection.


There you have it! My Valentine’s Day banner!


Hopefully I have inspired you!  There is still plenty of time to create things for Valentines.  Get your dies, paper and glue out and make something fabulous!

 This has been your Cheery Lynn designer JEANNIE, hope you all make yourselves a great day!


Cheery Lynn Designs used in today’s Sweet Stamps project are:  DOTTED SWISS and FRENCH PASTRY DOILY.

Tiffanys Doodles and Sweet Stamps

26 Jan

My apologies to Tiffany for getting this posted late. I had the most eye-opening shopping experience with my BIRTHDAY GIRL today. Where? Our local KMART! Little did I know that on a day like a BIRTHDAY, Kmart is kin to DISNEYLAND to a new 4-year-old. Now I am home, finished up my card and talking to you! Tiffany is just going gangbusters with the new shop and is creating Digi magic in her sleep I think. I can’t keep up with here. She has some of the most gorgeous flower Digis going in the store this Friday.

Here is a sneak peek at all of them.

These are sized to fit into the Spellbinders LARGE OVAL NESTIE.  But, since I am a CHEERY LYNN GIRL, I do not have those dies:) 

 I have done my own thing with this beautiful flower called  Nicotiana.


The card I made is called a WATERFALL card.  It is the 2nd one I have made as sort of a dare to my friend Christina over at CG SAYS.

So, I have to say, this card is dedicated to her!

All of these flowers can be purchased starting Friday January 28, 2011 on the Tiffany Doodles website.

Next, I have to let you know, I have accepted another team position.  This one was a no brainer since:

#1 – It is designing with REAL STAMPS

#2 – I am working with someone I already know is AWESOME to work with.

Here is the blog announcement:

Announcing the Sweet Stamps Design Team

We want to thank everyone who applied for a spot on the new Sweet Stamps Design team.  We had a wonderful turn out and it was not an easy task.  But we are excited to introduce you to our new team….

I think we will start creating in February, I hope to have some great things to show you.  For now, I am late getting kids from school, I have gotta get, get get!

January Guest Designer for My Time Made Easy…..YEAH!!!!

31 Dec

1st of all just let me say:


Now that I got that said, onto my post 🙂

Have you been over to the MY TIME MADE EASY blog nand website?  If not, you are in for a serious treat.  They have the most amazing cut files, digi papers, digi stamps and acrylic stamps.

I have to say they are one of my favorite all time places to go to for inspiration, products and files.

Their cut files(templates) are truly flawless and so much fun to work with.

January 1, 2011 marks the release of their new line called

SO FORTUNATE.  I have had so much fun creating with everything in this line.  I am so happy to show you today what things I have made.

The things that I have used are:


So Fortunate © – Pretty Packaging © Template

So Fortunate © 24 Images – Acyrlic Stamp Set

What’s My Fortune? Cookie © Pretty Pieces © Cut File

Blooming Cherries, Fun and Fortune and Plum Pretties Printables Digital Papers

I have made 2 different sets to show off.

First let’s go with my PINK project!

I wanted to really make my Cherry Blossoms stand out, they were taller than the box they way I did it, so I just made and additional wrap around handle and sewed all around my stamped images to really make them stand out.

She is soo cute.  Can you see that adorable TINY fortune cookie I made.  That was my own creation 🙂

That cookie is so small, a nightmare to do 🙂  But remember that is MINE not My Time Made Easy, because nothing of theirs is a nightmare.

Now, onto my PURPLE project.

I have to show off here a little bit.  You see that fortune cookie hanging off the take out box, that is made from wool.  I used the .pdf of the What’s my fortune cookie cut file and transformed it into a durable wool felt fortune cookie

It can be used over and over again.  I secured it to the handles with a ball chain.

So you notice how the lantern is 3-D?  I stamped the image about 20 times and cut it out to create that thumb sized lantern.

Here you can really see the dimension.

No this is NOT a mauve project, just was hard to get a good shot, it was night time.

This is the inside of the card.

Wouldn’t this be a great gift set to recieve?  The fortune attached to the take out box says, “Chinese takeout is in your future”


This new release from My Time Made Easy  new release wouldn’t be fun without several great ideas, so be sure you visit the team for an amazing BLOG HOP, packed with inspiration for the New Year!

Those are the words from the MY TIME MADE EASY folks!  Have fun on the HOP!!  Try their things, I promise you will not be disappointed!


Lauren Meader <—You start here!!!!

Catherine Doucette

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Katie Cotton

Kristin Bueter

Lisa Kind

Monique Hansen

Pam Imholz

Tangii Crain

Jeannie DeGruccio ME ~Guest Designer~


It all started with this little guy…..

22 Nov

Once upon a time…there was a little ADORABLE alien, that I found online.

I was making some cards for THE RONDALD MCDONALD HOUSE for boys, and I happened upon this little guy.  I found him on my Jamie Lane’s blog, BITS OF PAPER.

The alien is based on a drawing by Jamie’s sister.  Her  blog is called ART BY J. M. RUSH, oh please treat yourself and look at her art!!

Here is the original  NON, CUT FILE alien!!

Here is the card I created, with this alien of Jamie and her sisters.

Here is the ALIEN!!

I think I must have read on Jamie’s blog…if we use the file..she’d love to see what we did with it.  So, for some reason, I took a picture of it and sent it to her.

At that point..I was only creating sporadically, I had not blog…no time, etc.  Jamie really liked the card and we got to emailing back and forth and really, she IS the reason, I have a blog.

Maybe she saw some potential or something in my little ALIEN card or something, but she has been a true inspiration and mentor to me in this BLOG world.

She has given me leads, advice, ideas and let’s not forget, she has given my my all time FAVORITE paper punch in the world.

We did a trade of sorts…and this is one of the things she sent me, along with some of the most fabulous and fun products ever, have I said thank you Jamie, I mean thank you, enough, yet?  I don’t think so.

Jamie creates for lots of wonderful name a few…

I am certain this list will continue to grow, she is so talented.

You can look at the wonderful assortment of freebie patterns Jamie has on her blog.  Once again the link is

Her files are located in the RIGHT HAND COLUMN and are under the title;  Free SCAL & SVG Files

I had asked for ideas on things to see on my blog, Jamie mentioned she’d like for me to show the process of how I edit some of my pictures.  So today, let me give you a brief overview on my favorite things to use in  Photoshop Elements.  Todays subject..two ADORABLE little kids that belong to a really wonderful person!


Really, there is not a lot to do to this, this is a WONDERFUL picture!  But..we can still play right?

With this one, I just did some basic adjustments.

I saved this one as GLOW, so I must have diffused some glow on this one. 🙂

This one, here I applied a TTV frame to and also I mimicked an action that I love from Paint Shop Pro called the GLAMOR effect.


This one, I did a lot to.  It is fun and would be a great picture for a special occasion or scrapbook page.


Here is my Final…and my favorite.  I will attempt to tell you how (the recipe) for this one.


With this, I started with my original photo, and immediately duplicated the layers of this photo 2 times.

The 1st layer (the 1st copy – not the origianl background layer) I applied a Gaussian blur to this layer.

The 2nd layer (again not the background layer) I applied a blending layer called Color Burn and left it at 100%.

Next I applied my TTV frame.

I sized it to where I wanted it to fit the picture and dropped my opacity down to 21%.

I this duplicated that layer (set at 21%) and set that layer’s opacity to 13%.

Lastly I duplicated that layer (set at 13%) and set that layer’s opacity to 2%.

I have noticed that when I start editing pictures, I never or rarely take the same path twice.  It is all about playing.  You never copy or save over your original, so there is really nothing to lose!

Today’s FREEBIE, in honor of JAMIE, will be and EDITED picture of your choice by me.

I will take you picture and do these kind of effect to them and send you back your files to print or use digitally.

Remember it has to be a high quality pixel picture and not 72 dpi or something like that.

Please visit Jamie and if you do let her know that Jeannie sent you over!

Leave a comment and on next MONDAY’s post, I will announce the winner!  Send you friend over and they mention your get an EXTRA ENTRY!

  • Leave a comment = One Entry
  • Send a Friend = One Entry
  • Follow my Blog = One Entry
  • Visit Jamie and leave a comment = One Entry
  • Fiskateer’s post your Fiskateer Number in comment = One Entry

Be sure to let me know HOW MANY entries you qualify for and what photo technique is your favorite.


Lastly, Jamie gave me some wonderful tips on things to make with SHRINK FILM.  Remember SHRINKY DINKS???

GRAFIX ARTS’s is re-releasing their BLACK shrink film.  I had so much fun playing around with this stuff.  Let me show you some things I made using this film.

Be sure to check out BOTH SMILE BOX videos as they are of different projects using that FABULOUS film.  You can purchase from GRAFIX here:

Thanks for letting me introduce Jamie to you…I hope you have enjoyed my TRIBUTE of sorts, to her!!



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Like mother, like daughter? You decide!

16 Nov

Not meaning to sound like a broken record, remember, I recently had a birthday?  My kids were not able to really do anything, since my hubby, works out of town.  Days are long for all of us and to expect for BIRTHDAYS to be celebrated ON OUR BIRTHDAY, is a thing of the past.  BUT, my 11 year old…went way out of her way and created this card for me.  I had to share it because I was really impressed with the aspects of her design, and how she made her own patterns for ALL OF IT!!

Here is the Front of the Card…I have NO IDEA why she thinks I am 41…strange, huh??

Here is the INSIDE left page:

Can you see that she did a wheel to turn..telling me my different fortunes?

Some of my fortunes were, I will have 30 grandchildren (PLEASE, NO!!)

When I am old I will have SUPER POWERS (PLEASE, YES)

I will have a bad hair day (HEY!!)

One of my kids will me a millionaire (HOORAY!!!)

Inside Right of the card..there is that 41 again…???

Here is the back of the card.

The amazing part of the back, is that she created a little pocket with a flap that opens up.

Inside she tucked her $1.00 bill that she JUST got from her Grandma for Halloween.  How sweet is that?  She wanted me to go buy myself some chocolate!

I especially wanted my friend Christina to see this.

Her blog is

She can do the MOST amazing things with cards…When I got this card from my daughter I thought, hey there are parts of this the really intricate card makers, like Christina, would like!  So that is why I am sharing my wonderful birthday card with you today!


Now for some new NEWS!!!!……

I have been invited to be a member of Cheery Lynn Designs.  They are partnered with a company called DIRECT DIES.

I will be making things with their wafer this dies.  I can’t wait to see what dies I get to create things with.  It looks to be a fabulous team.  Here is the link to the Team announcement.

Some of my favorite so far are their line of VEGGIE TALES dies!!  Oh they are soooo cute!

I had to share my good news, hopefully, you will like the stuff I create and want to get your own dies too!

I think that is it for today!!

Good bye 🙂