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Have I lost my touch? Trying something new, then!

12 Oct

Why do I have a blog?  Hmmmm?  Well, I think mostly it is because, I look at it as a friend to talk to?  Who else could I share ideas, things with?  There is no one REAL around me that calls me for advice, or says hey, show me what you did today?  My husband has more pressing things to worry about, I bore my kids, but hey, My Blog?  No complaining or whining whatsoever.  But, do I need a new direction here?  I would love to appeal to more people!  I am going to start on a new path.  Not leaving my old one, NO WAY!

My new path?  I am becoming a Jessica Sprague groupie.  I had purchased some classes through her EONS ago and never got around to actually doing them!  Well she just recently had a SALE and I was able to get some tutorials at a great price.  I have always been a COREL PSP X2 girl, but I was getting frustrated converting things over to use in Corel, since most things are geared towards Adobe.  So what’s a Corel girl to do?

I don’t have the answer to that, but I have decided to at least stop being so ANTI-ADOBE and start learning it after all.  This weekend, I proudly did MANY of my JESSICA classes.  I am going to share with you what I learned.  OH, and I have something AMAZING, to show you at the end of this blog post, so stay with me to the end!

Here is my 1st Digi project:



Pretty cool, huh?  Ok YEAH it is a TEMPLATE, but STILL!!!  I did it!  This was actually a FREE online class the Template came along with the lesson.  I even had to expand my horizons a bit because I did not have a picture of the hubby and me that would fit in that BIG picture space, so I had to add the POLKA DOT paper in the back!  Figured that one out all by my little self!

Here is another finished TEMPLATE.  They are sooooo easy!  This was another FREE tutorial on Jessica



I love this one!  I made NO MESS doing this page.  Ok, that is definitely a digital scrapping PLUS!!  I went out of the box with this one also.  All the elements(fruity stuff) were added by me! Not part of the lesson!  Sooooo, how did I do???

Drumroll please!  I have had these ABC things forever and could not for the life of me get them to work on COREL.  After my lessons with Jessica, I decided to try.  I almost THREW the laptop out the window after one failure after another last night.  But seriously, last night in a dream, I figured out HOW to do it.  So without further ado, here is something I am very PROUD of.

Proud that I figured out how to do it, without relying on my 19 year old to figure it out for me!

I did it all on my own!


Well?  What do you think?  Let me know 🙂   I am so excited about these ABC letters!  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  If I can generate enough interest, could this work into a small business for me?   Who knows??

I will offer a freebie here.   If you really like my ALPHABET creation, here is my idea!

I will create as my GIVEAWAY one (1) letter of your choice.

Think, your child’s inital, your first name initial, your last name initial, and if you are my RANDOMLY drawn as my winner from this post, I will create one 4 x 4 letter, with random pictures of your choice.(But, my choosing of placement)

I will prepare your letter to be framed, or placed in a scrapbook, with the colors of your choosing!

How does that sound for my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!   The more of my challenges you complete, the more times your name gets put in for the drawing!

Here are the challenges:

1) Subscribe to my Blog (Top of my blog column, first item. Says “DOT ME IN!”)

2) Put my Blog Badge on your blog. (If you have one) You can find this one the blog under the heading “GRAB MY BADGE”

3) Become a “friend” on FACEBOOK. (Look for link on the blog)

4) Refer a friend! For a friend, even more than one, that leaves a comment saying you sent them, you both get a BONUS entry into the Giveaway!

5) If you are a FISKATEER, let me know your FISKA # for an extra entry!


I will keep this open for one week. The prize winner will be announced on my BLOG POST next Monday, October 18, 2010. I will take all entries up to NOON October 18, 2010, Pacific Standard Time.

This will be a great way for me to see if this is something that sparks people’s interest enough to pursue it!

So, I thank you in advance for your help, participation enthusiasm, cheerleading, etc!

Remember, for me, to make this for you, you have to be comfortable emailing me pics and allowing me to mail you the finished product to an address of your choice!

Good luck, if you really, really like this, I hope you are the winner!!!!  I can’t wait to create something for the LUCKY WINNER!!!!


When you complete all the challenges that you are able to do, please leave a comment telling me how many challenges you did, so I know how many times to enter your name!!

Honesty is the best policy, so please, well you know….be honest:)


Have a great rest of your MONDAY!!


I’m so proud of this!!

7 Oct

The Design Team over at THE LOLLIPOP PRESS, are all busy making projects with the wonderful Digital Designs in the STORE.  I am a HYBRID designer.  Which means, I focus more on TRADITIONAL scrapbooking (paper, adhesive, scissors, etc.) but that I use the Digital Elements and Pages in my Scrapbooking.  It is a wonderful combination.  I will never be able to give up the look and feel of Traditional Scrapbooking, so I am learning to use the Digital Elements to my advantage.

Here are some examples of HYBRID Scrapbooking.  Layouts and pictures were created using;  THE LOLLIPOP PRESS, SHADED CHIC line.

For those of you who do not know what “HYBRID” is.  Here is an example.  Please know, I am only a NOVICE at this and the results possible by professionals, are unbelievable.  Even with my small know how here is what I did.

Here is my BEFORE picture.

Just a lovely plain picture.



Here, I have added just a couple of digital elements, to create a unique picture.


Here again, we have a cute little picture…



Here is the same picture with just a little bit of “MAGIC.”



Once again, here is a BEFORE, picture…



and, just a bit of “WOW.”



Now, you can see how I have used the DIGITAL ELEMENTS to create my actual HANDS ON Scrapbook pages. These are not DIGITAL PAGES, they are TRADITIONAL PAGES, that I will put in a scrapbook.



Here they are together, it was hard to get a good picture side by side, sorry.



So there you have it, a mini HYBRID taste.

Please, watch the SMILEBOX to see more detail of what went into making the pictures and pages.

All of the elements I have used can be purchased HERE at this link, so head on over to THE LOLLIPOP PRESS and see the other Digital Kits that are available in addition to this.

Have a great day!


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What artist inspires you???

30 Sep

I design for a fun, fun blog called, If It’s Groovy.  We call ourselves the Groovy Chicks!

One of our most recent challenges was to find an artist inspires us, and do a layout based on one of their pieces of art.  Here is the info about my ARTIST!

This was great fun. I chose to go a little un-traditional and chose and artist that might not fall under the same category as the MASTERS.

Ever since I was a child I have loved BARBAR THE ELEPHANT. I can remember the stories even as I sit and write this. The paintings are always done in bright cheery colors. I think that must

be why I like Laurent de Brunhoff, so much.

The BARBAR paintings were originally done by Jean de Brunhoff. Laurent, his son, took over BARBAR when his dad died of tuberulosis at the age of 37.

This page is dedicated to my older son because 2 of his favorite things in the world are elephants and hot air balloons.

Here is the painting I chose:

Here is my layout based on the painting:

Close up upper page:

Close up: Lower half-

The phrase on the Layout says:

“Life affords no greater


no greater PRIVILEGE,

than the RAISING  of

the next


I always love feed back, let me know how you liked this challenge and check out the

If it’s Groovy blog

for the other team members layouts.

2 down, 1 to go!

28 Sep

My last post was about the WONDERFUL blog  Tuesday trio.  I am participating in their search for a new Design Team member.

This blog is not from the US, so it has been so much fun to see talent from across the globe.

I hope to be part of their team, just for the mere experience.

This is Challenge 2 of the 3 I was able to get in on.

Here is the sketch and the additional challenge for this sketch was to make something HAPPY!!

Sketch # 35

Here is my interpretation, how do you think I did???

Side view:

Close up of flowers with the POLKA DOT brads!  Gotta love em’!!!

Can’t wait to go check out Sketch #36, I will post that one in a couple of days!  Bye for now!!!

I stumbled upon this the other day….

25 Sep

What a fun website!  Check out This website assigns challenges and it is a bilingual site.  I think that makes it all the more challenging.  You are sort of  “competing” with people with an entirely.  different style, not to mention a world of different supplies on hand, I would assume.  So, I am up for the challenge.  I think it would be awesome to work with people from a different country.  Here is the sketch for the challenge.  They are looking for Design Team member and I have to participate in 3 of 4 assigned challenges.  I missed the 1st, because I only found the site 2 days ago, and barely made this deadline.  But, here is the sketch for Sketch #34.

In addition to the Sketch, they also give you a bonus item to increase the challenge.  The challenge for Sketch # 34 was…….BUTTONS!!!!!  Could anything be more fun than buttons??  So, without further ado, here is my usual, I am posting multiple pics, because I can’t ever decide on just one!  Let me know what you think?  Especially go to the website and see what other did for the sketch!  Have a great weekend!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I am off to try to have a great one!!  More, next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Ladies!! Drop Everything and follow the link!

24 Sep

On Scrap Notions Blog there is a fabulous giveaway!  You’d be crazy not to go visit and try to win the prize package!  Read the whole post!!

Good luck, hope you like her blog too!

A gift from a friend.

9 Sep

While my little one was in the hospital, I tried to send messages to keep in touch, when the hospital computer was behaving.  My design team leader, Therese Travis, was one I need to let know what was going on, because, I had assignments due and was missing the deadlines.  I let her know where I was and I told her that my little one needed and ANGEL to watch over her, thinking Therese would know I was asking her to pray for us.  The next day in my INBOX was an email with an attachment from Therese.  It was an ANGEL/FAIRY of my little one.  We will call it the Boo Angel Fairy.

Therese, a wonderful artist, has the wonderful knowledge of how to take a drawing of hers and turn it into a file that the computer can understand, and then I can cut the pattern on my CRICUT.  So below, I am showing off the Boo Angel Fairy on the cards I made for the wonderful, doctors, friends and family that helped us out through our scary time.

Here she is!!

Different lighting.

Oooh, different angle!

A close up of the Boo Angel Fairy.

All 10 cards that I made, whew!  A lot of love and work went into these!

Thank you Therese, from the bottom of my heart!