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Fridays with Cheery Lynn Designs

25 Feb
I sure do hope some have come by today to see the full project that I gave you all a teaser for last week. Remember that tiny picture I shared? Here it is again.

Well, before I share the rest of this project with you, let me share a card I have made with the little Veggies again. Do you know how versatile these dies are? With a little imagination, these dies can be use for really ANY occasion.

Here is one of the Peas decked out like a Cowboy or would that be a Cowpea?

Over on the Cheery Lynn Design Blog, we have been trying to WOW you with the Cheery Lynn Designs Embossing Plates.  I have used quite a few on this card. 

I started by cutting my card with

Circle – Scalloped LG Stackers Nesting Dies

Then I embossed the circle with the RODEO embossing plate.

 Because I was using the Core d’ nations cardstock, I was able to lightly sand the card front for the embossing pattern to appear.


Do you like all the dangling tags, they are all different branding iron images.

They are from the embossing plate called RANCH BRANDS/COWBOY BOOTS & HAT.

The boots and hat on the PEA are from the same plate, other side, it is a two sided plate.

 Also, the rope the tags are dangling from are from the same plate.  A very versatile plate, if you ask me!

Other products used on this card are OPTIMISTIC 1/2 inch Font set, MOUNTAINS BORDER DIE, and the GALLOPING HORSE die.

I am not a horse person, but hey, I can make a horse person card, any ole’ day!
Now, on to where my comfort zone is!
Cuteness, rhinestones and my kids!

The little teaser last week was a portion of this picture.

My little one LOVES Madame Blueberry!

It was my little one’s 4th birthday not too long ago. I was at Old Navy and found this very inexpensive skirt and clearance.

 It was purple and white stripped. I immediately saw(in my head) Madame Blueberry on there and had to get it for my daughter.

I found a plain white shirt to go along with it, here is the Birthday girl modeling her outfit for you.

She just loves her new outfit! It is truly a one of a kind outfit!

Here is a close up of Madame Blueberry on the skirt.

Oh, yes, she is QUITE the princess!

I used a high grade felt for most of Madame Blueberry’s pieces. I used individual rhinestones to write the word PRINCESS above Madame Blueberry’s head.

Now, remember, if you are going to go get some stones, you have to check out Rhinestone Hues on Etsy!

My last tip is that I used a mixture of a high grade fabric glue and Heat n’ Bond to attach things to the clothing. For my machine appliqueing, I used a clear nylon thread!

Hope you have enjoyed this project, imagine all the things you can make using your dies as fabric appliques.

I am sure to have something fun to share next week, so come back and see!  I love to hear from you so please leave me a comments, especially if there is something you’d like to see or know how to do that I have not covered!

TA TA FOR NOW!! This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana.

Let me introduce…

21 Jan

How could I have forgotten to blog about this? 

Remember, I have told you that I have had to scale back on the Design Teams I was on.  Right in the interim of my transition of doing this, I had committed to doing some layouts for Tatiana Pittigliani.  I had seen her kits on her blog and knew she was looking for some Creative Team members and well, I said YES!  So, I promised Tatiana I would at least work with a couple of her kits.  I felt I owed it to her after saying yes and then having to revamp my whole life. 

She has recently released her kit called Fruit and Flowers.  Here is a peak at the kit.

Here are the pages I have done for the kit. 


Here kits are very cute.  They have a certain bright and cheery edge I do not see everywhere, which is why I was drawn to her blog.  Here is my next layout.

I LOVE the above page.  Does that song ring a bell to anyone?  Anyone old enough to love The Carpenter’s with me?

Ok, well, I have more things to do and make, a never-ending process for me.  So I will be back soon, with some more things to inspire you.  Thank you Tatiana, for the great kit to work with.  For now, have a great weekend.

Valentines for the St. Jude Children

16 Jan


I was invited to participate in a Valentine Card drive.  It is a special event, since the recipients of these cards are the children of the St. Jude Children’s hospital.  Some of us from TIFFANY DOODLES are joining Winter Wonderland for this drive. 

Those of us participating today are:







 Tiffany of Tiffany Doodles was kind enough to let us use some of her digi stamps for this card drive.

  To view all the guidelines for the card drive and to participate, head on over to WINTER WONDERLAND.  There is still time and I am sure that every card that St. Jude’s receives will be loved and appreciated.  This is just a quick post to show you some cards I came up with using Tiffany Doodles digi stamps.

This is made with the digi stamp called: CURLY TREE, and is actually not a Valentine digi, but I made it into one.

This one was made with the ELEPHANT  and Cupcake digis, also not Valentine digis, but you couldn’t tell, could you?

I know a lot of people out there are participating in the PAY IT FORWARD thing, this is a great way to pass on some kindness and PAY IT FORWARD to some little ones that could really use a little pick me up.  So if you have some spare time, go and make a couple of Valentines, following the guidelines of course and get them mailed off to Winter of WINTER WONDERLAND no later than January 31, 2011.  Allow time for them to get there, since she lives in Texas.  Once again here is the link to her blog to get all the information.


If it’s Tuesday it must be….

28 Dec
Believe it or not, I am not going to share a Christmas card with you.
Can you believe my Christmas tree is already down and Christmas is boxed up and put away.
No, I am not trying to be a bah-humbug, but the house has been turned upside down since we brought the tree home.
Also, if we kept the tree up too much longer, I am afraid our Christmas decorations would keep dwindling, thanks to my 2 little ones who just can’t comprehend the “HANDS OFF” policy.

I am excited to show you my project for, Cheery Lynn Designs, this week.  My little fairy princess, my 3 year old, was my inspiration this week.  She loves princesses.  She loves fairies.  She loves book.  She loves telling stories.
I thought it would be fun to combine all these loves into one project.  I have made a mini book about princesses and fairies for her.
She loves to make up her own stories, so I have included fairies and princesses of all sorts so she can use her imagination and make up her own magical stories.

I hope you enjoyed this little project I have shared with you today. I know my little one does! Imagine all the possibilities with this tiny book die set.
Thank you for stopping by, I will having something new, next week.
The Cheery Lynn dies used in this project are:

Tiny Thoughts Scallops and Rings



Scalloped Square



Buttons 1



Butterfly Bundles


Also since it is Tuesday, that means there is a new sketch and challenge up at Tuesday Trio.

Our leader has been through a tough couple of weeks and I would love to have any of my followers go on over to the TUESDAY TRIO blog and look, participate in a challenge, leave kind words…any and all would be so kind.  Imagine her joy if she had a slew of new participants?

I would love that, bringing someone happiness?  What could be better?

Feel like joining along in our challenge?  Here is our new sketch.  Sketch # 47.

The theme to follow is NEW YEARS.  What could be better?

Here is my take on the sketch:  How did I do with the DIGI flair?  Most of the paper and elements I used were mere FREEBIES I have collected on the way.  Now if it were only free to print all those pages I have done out..that’d be lovely!!

I will have a lot of things to share over the next couple of weeks, I hope you will keep tuning in to THE POLKA CABANA…

A lost tradition, found.

14 Dec

Before my mom passed away, she used to buy all my kids a Christmas ornament for the current year. As my number of children got higher in numbers, she still carried this tradition on. For awhile, she handmade each one, customizing them to the grandchild’s current likes in life. I have acorn angels, popsicle stick Santa’s, Pooh Bears, Blues Clues and Baby’s 1st Christmas ornaments for almost all my kids. She also added to my ornament stash every year. While she was alive, I got a new ornament from the earliest time I can remember, she did this for me.

As I was thinking of what to make this week, the thought hit me that my youngest 2 children will not have the privilege of receiving that special ornament from Curly Grandma each year.  So, I need to start, or restart, this tradition for them. When they are older, I will be sure to tell them where this tradition started, when it ended and when it started again.

I only had time to make 2 ornaments to show, but I will be making more for the rest of my children.

Believe it or not, I only used 1 die set. The set I used was: Scalloped Oval – LST103

I took an idea from one of those fancy magazines, no one can afford to buy from.  They had these lovely paper ornaments.  So, I used their idea for my own.  The main body, of the ornaments are made out of vintage piano books that I had lying around.  They had already started to yellow, so I did not need to do much distressing 🙂

Here is the ornament I made for my youngest, my princess, my joy…yep, I LOVE HER~


This next one, I had to make just because I wanted to see if I could.  If one of my older daughters loves it as much as I do, she can have it be her 2010 ornament.  If not, it is MINE!!!
Again, I only used the Scalloped Oval dies on this.  Made all from the same vintage sheet music and embellished with supplies I had on hand.

These were somewhat time consuming, but well worth it.  Part therapy, part mom love.  I think I will enjoy doing this for my kids every year.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Pretties.

Be sure to go over to The Cheery Lynn blog to see my other team mates creations.

We all work so hard to make things for you, I know you will enjoy what they have to share also.

Also coming up this week is the Blog Hop for http://mypapertreehouse.blogspot.com/.

We have some AMAZING things planned for you, so I hope you will join us.

Also, while you are hopping with me and My Paper Tree House, hop along with the Aloha Girls for the 1st Aloha Studio Designs Blog Hop.


Details for both HOPS..later today!  Bye for now!!!

Do you use BIG WORDS??

5 Dec

Do you know someone who just talks way over your head?  That would be my husband sometimes. 🙂  Over at If It’s Groovy, we have a phenomenal challenge going on.

Maybe with this challenge, we can start talking over other people’s heads!!

The challenge is called OPEN YOUR DICTIONARY.  We are challenging you to go open that Webster’s collecting dust on your shelf.  Find a word, new to you, one you do not already know the meaning to and scrap a page on that word.  I had a blast with this one.  My word?


Do you know what FLORIFEROUS means? Well, head on over to If It’s Groovy and check out my page and read what I learned about the word FLORIFEROUS.

Here is a SNEAK PEAK…to see it all click here.

We now have a MR. LINKY installed so you can easily post your creation for us all to see.  I am headed over there to link up now!

Leave a comment over there for me..I would love to know what you think of my page and would love even more for you all to play along!!

Happy Sunday!

PS..I was going to try to write this post with HUGE FANTASMIC words…but it proved to be to hard for me..so you only got the word PHENOMENAL out of me!!


What does AMAZING mean to you?

19 Nov


[uh-mey-zing] –adjective

causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

As most of you know…I am a mom to many kids.  Each one of my kids has their own, outward talents.  I have one who, if asked, would say, she has no talent.

This 2nd oldest child of mine, has at times felt overshadowed by her older sibling, for his accomplishments in the creative sense.

My oldest daughter, who had been home schooled for quite a few years, is back in public school as a SENIOR!!

Whenever she has an assignment, in a class she really likes..she has always gone, WAY BEYOND what one expect.

She had a project for one of her classes, I think she needed to do a drawing of a conflict or scene in the book.

She could have done..just a simple drawing and handed it in..but no!  She did her project a’ la SOFIA.

She fretted so much about this and I am sure that she was very uncomfortable with the way her FINAL project turned out.  She is not one to bring attention to herself, but when she puts her heart into something..

**”The whole world stops and stares for a while”

This post is to pay tribute to her,  because…

**”When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don’t see what I see”

** ~ from  Just The Way You Are Lyrics by Bruno Mars~

I created this page for this weeks challenge on The Lollipop Spot.  The challenge this week = YELLOW.

You can’t really see the detail of her picture, so here are some larger images.



One more time, the whole Image..


Sadly,  here teacher wants to keep it(sad for mom)..she also did this on poster board..so I am a little worried how it will age(weird mom!)

What do you think??  Well, that is my definition of AMAZING!!

For some unrelated news…here is a card I did as part of a Design Team Submission I did for the company IMAGINISCE.  I am hoping they will view my whole portfolio on the blog, but they asked for us to create a project using at least 75% of their stuff.  So here is what I came up with.

Side View

Parting view…

Talk about competition….wish me luck.  This would be like a DREAM TEAM…but competition is steep and numerous.  I am sure.

That is it for today…I have some fun ideas for tomorrow and next week!

Like mother, like daughter? You decide!

16 Nov

Not meaning to sound like a broken record, remember, I recently had a birthday?  My kids were not able to really do anything, since my hubby, works out of town.  Days are long for all of us and to expect for BIRTHDAYS to be celebrated ON OUR BIRTHDAY, is a thing of the past.  BUT, my 11 year old…went way out of her way and created this card for me.  I had to share it because I was really impressed with the aspects of her design, and how she made her own patterns for ALL OF IT!!

Here is the Front of the Card…I have NO IDEA why she thinks I am 41…strange, huh??

Here is the INSIDE left page:

Can you see that she did a wheel to turn..telling me my different fortunes?

Some of my fortunes were, I will have 30 grandchildren (PLEASE, NO!!)

When I am old I will have SUPER POWERS (PLEASE, YES)

I will have a bad hair day (HEY!!)

One of my kids will me a millionaire (HOORAY!!!)

Inside Right of the card..there is that 41 again…???

Here is the back of the card.

The amazing part of the back, is that she created a little pocket with a flap that opens up.

Inside she tucked her $1.00 bill that she JUST got from her Grandma for Halloween.  How sweet is that?  She wanted me to go buy myself some chocolate!

I especially wanted my friend Christina to see this.

Her blog is http://cg-says.blogspot.com/

She can do the MOST amazing things with cards…When I got this card from my daughter I thought, hey there are parts of this the really intricate card makers, like Christina, would like!  So that is why I am sharing my wonderful birthday card with you today!


Now for some new NEWS!!!!……

I have been invited to be a member of Cheery Lynn Designs.  They are partnered with a company called DIRECT DIES.

I will be making things with their wafer this dies.  I can’t wait to see what dies I get to create things with.  It looks to be a fabulous team.  Here is the link to the Team announcement. http://cheerylynndesigns.blogspot.com/

Some of my favorite so far are their line of VEGGIE TALES dies!!  Oh they are soooo cute!

I had to share my good news, hopefully, you will like the stuff I create and want to get your own dies too!

I think that is it for today!!

Good bye 🙂


Another GIVEAWAY! Everyone wins!!!

18 Oct

Ok readers!  I am here to share some things again!

I will post the winner of the ABC creation in a later post today..but for now let’s look at some more of THE LOLLIPOP PRESS’s fabulous kits!

This one is ONE of my favorites.  It is called BFF!



These kits will be available for purchase as soon as the GRAND OPENING happens.  For now, I am lucky enough to play with the kits.  The perks of being on a DESIGN TEAM!!  Here is a digital page I made with this kit.

Later this week I will show you some HYBRID projects made with the same kit!  But for now…what do you think?


Can you tell made the little banner from pieces of the paper from the kit.  Another trick I learned on the JESSICA SPRAGUE website!  So today’s giveaway is for all who request.

It is the Word Art I created for this page that says “SLEEPING BEAUTY.”


Here is an example of what it looks like with a background paper(not included) in the back.

Just leave a comment that you’d like to have the MONDAY FREEBIE and it is yours, for personal use only.  This will remain free through this FRIDAY, October 22, 2010.  After Friday, I will put it in my ETSY store!

It is in a .png format and you will need a background paper, other than white for the sparklies to show up!

Have a great day and look for another post from me later today!

Have I lost my touch? Trying something new, then!

12 Oct

Why do I have a blog?  Hmmmm?  Well, I think mostly it is because, I look at it as a friend to talk to?  Who else could I share ideas, things with?  There is no one REAL around me that calls me for advice, or says hey, show me what you did today?  My husband has more pressing things to worry about, I bore my kids, but hey, My Blog?  No complaining or whining whatsoever.  But, do I need a new direction here?  I would love to appeal to more people!  I am going to start on a new path.  Not leaving my old one, NO WAY!

My new path?  I am becoming a Jessica Sprague groupie.  I had purchased some classes through her EONS ago and never got around to actually doing them!  Well she just recently had a SALE and I was able to get some tutorials at a great price.  I have always been a COREL PSP X2 girl, but I was getting frustrated converting things over to use in Corel, since most things are geared towards Adobe.  So what’s a Corel girl to do?

I don’t have the answer to that, but I have decided to at least stop being so ANTI-ADOBE and start learning it after all.  This weekend, I proudly did MANY of my JESSICA classes.  I am going to share with you what I learned.  OH, and I have something AMAZING, to show you at the end of this blog post, so stay with me to the end!

Here is my 1st Digi project:



Pretty cool, huh?  Ok YEAH it is a TEMPLATE, but STILL!!!  I did it!  This was actually a FREE online class the Template came along with the lesson.  I even had to expand my horizons a bit because I did not have a picture of the hubby and me that would fit in that BIG picture space, so I had to add the POLKA DOT paper in the back!  Figured that one out all by my little self!

Here is another finished TEMPLATE.  They are sooooo easy!  This was another FREE tutorial on Jessica Sprague.com.



I love this one!  I made NO MESS doing this page.  Ok, that is definitely a digital scrapping PLUS!!  I went out of the box with this one also.  All the elements(fruity stuff) were added by me! Not part of the lesson!  Sooooo, how did I do???

Drumroll please!  I have had these ABC things forever and could not for the life of me get them to work on COREL.  After my lessons with Jessica, I decided to try.  I almost THREW the laptop out the window after one failure after another last night.  But seriously, last night in a dream, I figured out HOW to do it.  So without further ado, here is something I am very PROUD of.

Proud that I figured out how to do it, without relying on my 19 year old to figure it out for me!

I did it all on my own!


Well?  What do you think?  Let me know 🙂   I am so excited about these ABC letters!  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  If I can generate enough interest, could this work into a small business for me?   Who knows??

I will offer a freebie here.   If you really like my ALPHABET creation, here is my idea!

I will create as my GIVEAWAY one (1) letter of your choice.

Think, your child’s inital, your first name initial, your last name initial, and if you are my RANDOMLY drawn as my winner from this post, I will create one 4 x 4 letter, with random pictures of your choice.(But, my choosing of placement)

I will prepare your letter to be framed, or placed in a scrapbook, with the colors of your choosing!

How does that sound for my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!   The more of my challenges you complete, the more times your name gets put in for the drawing!

Here are the challenges:

1) Subscribe to my Blog (Top of my blog column, first item. Says “DOT ME IN!”)

2) Put my Blog Badge on your blog. (If you have one) You can find this one the blog under the heading “GRAB MY BADGE”

3) Become a “friend” on FACEBOOK. (Look for link on the blog)

4) Refer a friend! For a friend, even more than one, that leaves a comment saying you sent them, you both get a BONUS entry into the Giveaway!

5) If you are a FISKATEER, let me know your FISKA # for an extra entry!


I will keep this open for one week. The prize winner will be announced on my BLOG POST next Monday, October 18, 2010. I will take all entries up to NOON October 18, 2010, Pacific Standard Time.

This will be a great way for me to see if this is something that sparks people’s interest enough to pursue it!

So, I thank you in advance for your help, participation enthusiasm, cheerleading, etc!

Remember, for me, to make this for you, you have to be comfortable emailing me pics and allowing me to mail you the finished product to an address of your choice!

Good luck, if you really, really like this, I hope you are the winner!!!!  I can’t wait to create something for the LUCKY WINNER!!!!


When you complete all the challenges that you are able to do, please leave a comment telling me how many challenges you did, so I know how many times to enter your name!!

Honesty is the best policy, so please, well you know….be honest:)


Have a great rest of your MONDAY!!