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Just Making Sure You KNOW!!!

4 Nov

Did you know all websites for THE LOLLIPOP PRESS are up and running?  I have been doing a lot of work for THE LOLLIPOP PRESS lately.  This has been a life changing situation for me.  I am doing and learning things I never thought I’d know how to do, thanks to my affiliation with them.  Go visit the websites!

The MAIN site is: http://www.thelollipoppress.com/

The PRESS blog is:  http://thelollipoppress.blogspot.com/

The CONTEST blog is:  http://thelollipopspot.blogspot.com/

The 1st contest is up and running and I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE AWESOME giveaway!  You have to go check it out here!  http://thelollipopspot.blogspot.com/p/monthly-prizes.html

The conditions for entering the contest are on the ABOUT page here:  http://thelollipopspot.blogspot.com/p/about.html

Please understand…although it would be great if you use ALL Lollipop Press stuff.  It is NOT a requirement.  Simply using a sketch found here: http://thelollipopspot.blogspot.com/p/spot-sketches.html

counts as a LOLLIPOP PRESS required item.  So please, friends, followers!  ENTER THE CONTEST!  I might even have to enter it also…how cool is that?  I CAN PLAY TOO!


The new lines release are called DAPPER MAN and NUTTY BUDDY.  Here are my projects so far, for these lines.

Nutty Buddy First!


This here is called a MOO.  What is a MOO you say?  It is a tiny card.  If I were to print this out the size would be about 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″. They are very cute and can be used as calling cards, birth announcements, wedding pics, or just a written or photo greeting insert.

Next is the DAPPER MAN line.

This page is PAYBACK.

You know, I have a NICE camera..if I could keep my boys from taking it over..that would be great.  But no, I have so many pictures of my BOYS goofin’ off…I will never be able to use them all even if I scrapped EVERY DAY..which I am about doing these days!  So…”YOU PLAY WITH YOUR MAMA’S CAMERA…..YOU PAY.”  Payback is fun….they will laugh at this layout!



I have another project with the DAPPER MAN line I want to share with you, but I am waiting for the green light from the POWERS THAT BE, to post.  So stay tuned and I hope you have enjoyed the peek of my HILARIOUS kids today!

I am still here!!

12 Jun

Lots to do, I really want to make this blog work, but really have no clue how to do it!! I want to do freebies and inspire people. I have so little time, I know I am not the only one is that boat. This post is just to say, I am here and please stay with me…invite a friend or two..tell me how to get more people to follow me so I have more to give freebies to. Speaking of freebies, agh! What to give?? I am going to post a MOO I did. How bout this, I have made a cutie patootie card with this MOO, the one who can steer the most people my way, even if it is just 1, gets my MOO card!! Deal? OK!!

MOO Template from http://www.boomphotographics.com.

Check them out!! A FUN WEBSITE!!!!!

Moo with my Boosey Toes!

My moo was based on this photo:

Polka Dot Toes

I love to do fancy nail jobs on my girls!!

Ok, that does it for today. I will post again, sooner than my last post!! I promise!