Sweet Stamps new Challenge “Anything Goes”

4 Oct

Anything Goes…This is my kind of challenge!

No restrictions.

I just got a batch of new Sweet Stamps and I was so excited I was able to do anything I wanted to do.

I chose to do a clean and simple card.

The Sweet Stamps I used are:

Rose & Leaf Bold

Beautiful Day

I colored the roses with Pearlescent Watercolor Paints.  I have been using these paints a lot lately and LOVE THEM.

After I painted them, I added matching glitter and then put an acrylic dimensional topcoat on them to make them shine and stand out.

I finished with some Rhinestones from Rhinestone Hues and that’s all for this card.

Now, who can resist a challenge where you can do anything you want?

Head on over to http://sweetstampsblog.blogspot.com/ to participate in this challenge, just starting today.

You have a chance to win a $20.00 cert. to Sweet Stamps.com and believe me, that is a FUN win!



9 Aug

It’s late (early 12:30 am) I am tired…

I will share my Sweet Stamps.com card and then add some details tomorrow (today) later, I mean!

Am I making any sense at all?

I used the set called HEY CHICK.

Here is what I came up with for the BLING theme!!

I paper pieced the little chick.

Then, I added some bling…

…and more bling….

and that is my BLING for you today!

Now it is your turn to bring on the BLING!

Head on over to:


Join our challenge!

You could be the lucky winner for a $20 gift certificate to Sweet Stamps.com!

Have a great Tuesday!

You have gotta see this!!

19 Apr

I am here today with a Sweet Stamps card that I have really put a lot of effort into.  I used the Sweet Stamps stamp called, FORGET ME NOT HEART.

I chose this stamp since the new stamp challenge on the Sweet Stamps blog is to use a frame stamp. 

Remember, if you want to join our challenge, there is a $20.00 gift cert for the SWEET STAMPS store.

Come on and play along, what have you got to lose?

For my card today, I actually used black acrylic paint to stamp my image.

I chose paint, since I knew I was going to be using a bunch or different mediums and knew the dried paint could handle it.

I love my background on this card.

 To create this, I used some of my Cheery Lynn Designs dies and by using the rubber embossing pad, I can use my dies as plates.

I wanted this to have rich, bold colors so I stuck to reds and blues.

To really make it shine, I uses some of my favorite stones and studs from RHINESTONE HUES.

I also used glass beads and my favorite glitters from PK GLITZ.

My doily background is done on a piece of Core’dnations VINTAGE COLLECTION.

OOOOH, I just love the way this has turned out!

 Now, show your love and head on over to  Sweet Stamps and read the challenge rules and join our challenge.

Have a great week!

My card today is dedicated to my neighbor, Jim Wright, and his family.  

Keep him in your prayers and may he be able to recover from his injuries.

A long overdue gift…

11 Feb

If a law were to be passed that said we all had to change our names to highlight our hangups or weaknesses, my name would have to be, “I really meant to, had the best intentions, where did the day go, DeGruccio.”

I have a wonderful friend and co-worker.  I have had many plans over the 7 or so years I have known her to MAKE things for her.  Awhile ago I made her some cards and she loved them so much, she said she’d never use them..oops!  So, I knew the next time I made her something it’d have to be a gift that she did not need to give away. My lovely friend is a Krishna Devotee.  Now, before you think back on any movies you have seen with Hollywood’s version of the Hare Krishna’s, that is not Judy. 

 I tend to be somewhat open-minded when it comes to religion.  I mean that I think in this life we are living, there really needs to be more acceptance and love for the religions we have.  We were not put on this earth to judge one another or ones, beliefs, that is not our place.  Maybe I am more open to listen and appreciate other religions because I myself, belong to a church that the mainstream media loves to distort.  Goodness, I think there is even a HBO show that has tried to bring back the whole idea that our church still practices plural marriage!  ****ROLLING MY EYES!!!!*****  Since my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, tends to be a religion that some love to hate, I am very sympathetic and unwilling to believe stereotypes of others too easily.

Judy, has to be on of the most gracious, kind, peaceful, loving unselfish, (I could go on and on here..) people I know.  I would trust her with my life and would do anything to help her, or make her happy.  She is just GOOD! 

Keeping that in mind, and back to my LONG OVERDUE GIFT, I have had an idea of something to make for her for a while.  This is where one of other favorite people come in.  THERESE TRAVIS, the brilliant artist behind all my fairies and other creations, made an Angel for me, based on Judy.  I emailed her this picture of my friend:)

This is Judy at home in front of the Temple that she and her hubby built on their land.  It is truly beautiful and they welcome, any and all to come and visit. 

 Without further ado, here is the Angel Judy.  This is the DIGI STAMP version.


Here is another picture, I always love to try to photgraph the layers and detail.


Now, because Therese is just AWESOME, she also did a .svg file for me.  Here is a larger version of Angel Judy, done on my Cricut.  I thought I was done and then I realized I’d forgotten to put her earrings on!  OOPS!


Here she is with her earrings, some additional work to her hair and her wings!


Another close-up for you.


My little ones, seriously could not keep their little hands off the finished product!  My 6yo son looked at Angel Judy and said, “Mommy, you are just so good at making crafts!”  Is that sweet or what?

Lastly, Judy had asked if I knew how to make business cards.  So keeping that in mind while photographing Angel Judy, I was able to turn my creation into a Digital image to use over and over again.  I knew she wanted her name on the front(she thought I was going to use a photograph of her) and on the back she wanted her chant written.  As soon as I got done with her real gift, I whipped this business card up.  I told her we can fine tune it to suit her needs, but she just smiled and said, “I LOVE THEM!”


I hope I have kept your attention for this whole post.  I have some around me who do not understand why I make things.  It might seem like a waste of time and yes I have a house that could be much cleaner, if it were not for my hobbies.  But, the look on Judy’s face and the pure joy I knew she felt to look at and hold what I made for her, reminded me why I do this.  Not for freebies, not for money(although that’d be nice…right?)  I do it because, I love creating things and even more, I love creating things FOR others.  Might seem crazy, but that’s me!

Thanks for joining me again.  Remember to stop by THERSE’s PAPERFACES DESIGNS and of course check out RHINESTONE HUES  inventory while you are there.  This project would not have been possible without either one of them!