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Happy Birthday RubberMoon Arts Style

16 Jun


It’s birthday time of year and I thought I’d combine this post with a little gift I made for a certain birthday boy who celebrates a birthday this week!

 This is to match something that he wants for his room, so although he has seen THIS project, he hasn’t seen what it matches.

I used my Deena Ziegler Sizzix Banner Die, which I totally LOVE by the way!!

Here are my papers all cut and ready to go.

I used the Mixed Media Splatter stamp on all the papers to start.

For one of the banner pieces I used this LOVE stamp.


On another piece I used the NEW MOON stamp.


On the NEW MOON banner, I used this phrase.


Here is how I cut out the phrase and moon to make them stand out.


For another banner piece I used this Denise stamp.


Here is the final project.  What do you think?


I put it all together with fabric scraps.


Here are some close-ups.






….and  the Birthday Boy himself!!



What do you think?  This was a ton of fun to make!  I love making banners and using stamps on them is such a great way to personalize them and make them more unique!

I hope you have enjoyed my post today.  This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana today’s RubberMoon Arts post!

Have a great week!


When is a circle not a circle?

1 Jun
Do you like that title?  When is a circle not a circle?  When it is a square!!!
The reason that’s my title is because the main part of this card is made out of the
I wanted to point out a couple of things about the REFLECTIONS DIES.
They are very versatile, you can mix and match the sets, you can use them for cards, scrapbook pages and even sentiments and tags.
This card not only uses the Scalloped Circle Reflections set, but also the Mini Pearl French Flair set.
On the dark blue base you can see how elegant the Mini Pearl French Flair is.
I also used the Mini Pearl French Flair to create all my sentiment tags.
The tags were then embellished with rub-ons, Flourish Leaf Strip, Pretty Petal and mini pearls.
Here you can see how this unique card opens up.
You can see how the card is created with the 4 circles.
It is opened and closed the same way you open and close a packing type box.
Here is the inside all decorated also.
I just love this type of card!
I hope you can see just how much fun you can have with our Reflections Dies.  The possibilities are endless.  It is like buying 3 types of dies all in one shot.  Scrapbooking, card making and tag/sentiment dies all in one!
Have you been over to our challenge blog?
Our new theme is FOR THE GRAD.
Be sure to head on over there and check out the inspiration that our DT has for you.
Join in the fun for a chance to win a $20.00 shopping spree at Cherry Lynn Dies.
This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today’s post.

New Dies From Cheery Lynn Designs **FAINT**

24 Feb
Today I am using the LACE OVAL REFLECTIONS die to make a unique banner.
To start out I cut a lot of ovals from the largest die in the LACE OVAL set.
I use the Sizzix Big Shot and I can still use the largest die, by folding my paper in half and cutting the shape.  I will have a fold line down the center, but for this project, that doesn’t matter.
Here you can my folded ovals, cut, still in half, and then I scored the ovals at 1/2″ increments.
Here are the same papers, opened up at their full size.
Can you believe how big those are and that I cut something that big from a Big Shot?
Once again, here the oval has just been cut, the paper in folded down the middle…
…voilà, here the same paper from above has been opened to it’s full size, it’s like magic!!
I am making 2 different shapes for my banner.  To make the flower shaped base, I need 3 of the largest ovals.
Here they are cut, and scored at 1/2″ increments.
Here the same ovals are, folded accordion style on the scored lines.
Fold the accordion folded ovals in half.
Hot glue the centers of each oval.
Then hot glue the 3 ovals together, they will look something like this.
Fan the outer edges open to meet each other on the other side and hot glue the remaining edges to form the flower shape.
The other banner shape I created is a butterfly shape.  For the butterfly you will need 2 ovals, folded, scored and glued in the same manner as the flower shapes.
Because we I only have 2 ovals, when I flair the ovals around to glue, the ovals create this butterfly shape instead of the flower shape.
To string all the shapes, I cut a paper towel tube up and glued them to the back of each shape.
After embellishing the fronts, I strung 2 layers of tulle through all the shapes to create the SPRING banner.
To embellish the fronts, I used the SWEDISH SPRING OVAL in the centers of each shape.
I had some large letters that I used to spell the word SPRING and then added lots of Cheery Lynn Designs flowers from The Floral Shop.
All the bright and Cheery paper is from Momenta.
Here you can see the letters more close up.
I just love all the colors and patterns!
Here is one last look!
I hope you have enjoyed this post today.
Hopefully you can see just how versatile the REFLECTIONS dies are.
You can just do anything with these dies, at least it seems like that to me!
Have you checked out or current challenge?
The theme is FRAME IT.
You can read all about it HERE.
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today’s post.

Wednesday WOWZER Time!!

21 Dec

How are you today?

Today I have such a fun card for you!

I have used the new set called Your Friendship, My Cup of Tea.

I LOVE..LOVE…LOVE this set!

Here is what I came up with.

What do you think?

The little bird is soo  cute!

If you want to see the other new sets…click here for the fun!!

They are all fabulous!

Now…a favor?

Head on over to I Heart {ippity} we have such creative gals!

I love everything they make, every week.

Go and see for yourself.

Have a great day and remember this is the season of giving, not the season of stress and greed!  Relax and enjoy and don’t get caught up in the worldly view of this season.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Stampin’ Up! Ink, Paper

Embossing Folders – Sixxix

I Heart {ippity} stamps 

Cheery Lynn Designs Dies

I will be entering this card in the ippity challenge, which is to make a thank you card!  Wish me luck:)

Wednesday WOWZER Time!!

14 Dec

How are you today?

Today I have such a fun card for you!

I have used the set called Because of You and I am using a sketch from

The Sweetest Thing.

Here is the sketch.

Here is my take on the sketch. (I rotated the sketch one turn to the right)

I don’t know what it is about mushrooms..they just make me smile!

I just went with colors and prints that made me happy for this card.

I hope it makes you smile too!

Head on over to I Heart {ippity} we have such creative gals!

I love everything they make, every week.

Go and see for yourself.

Have a great day and remember this is the season of giving, not the season of stress and greed!  Relax and enjoy and don’t get caught up in the worldly view of this season.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Stampin’ Up! Ink, Paper

Embossing Folders – Sixxix

My Minds Eye – Fine and Dandy Girl Decorative Papers

I Heart {ippity} stamps 

Crepe Paper Ribbon – Jenni Bowlin

She did whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

23 Feb

Yes, if you have heard the rumors, (like anyone gossips about me), they are true! 

Ladies, I have in fact BROKEN my BIG SHOT

 This is a public service announcement to pass on valuable information on “sammich” makings in the Big Shot. 

Now, if you do not know what a BIG SHOT is, you might be in the wrong place, because anyone that visits my blog for inspiration, support or ideas should know what a Big Shot is.  For you 1st timers, a Big Shot is a darling piece of machinery that cuts papers from dies.  It is a DIE CUTTER!

Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (Black & Pink)

I was peacefully minding my own business, finishing up a card for my Sweet Stamps DT assignment.  I had one last step to do.  I wanted to use my Cheery Lynn Designs Oval Stackers to cut out a frame around my finished piece of art.

In my defense, I had sick kids running around the house, a berserk dog barking at his own shadow, teenagers fighting over who knows what!  I was not myself that evening.

Here is the card that BROKE THE BIG SHOT.  You may or may not have already seen it on my blog.

I wanted to make a frame around the image to have the image sit on, since I had no Big Shot after I broke it, I resorted to tulle and machine stitching to frame the image.

My day went like this, this is the short version!  9am or so, need to finish that card, got the coloring done on the butterflies.  I don’t color, I paper piece.  Got everything glued down and wanted to do a polka dot frame around it. 

 I planned on using my FAVORITE paper from 7 gypsies.

So, I got my Scalloped Oval set out from Cheery Lynn Designs,  cut my paper just bigger than the die I wanted to use.

With Cheery Lynn Dies, they emboss while they cut.  I wanted a really deep emboss, which is easy to do by using a piece of paper or something like a shim. 

But I mentioned, the house was CHAOS, and I really could not tell you how many pieces of paper I crammed under my die before puttin’ my sammich altogether.

I put the sammich on the Big Shot runway and started turning the crank, yeah, it was a little rough, “Put some elbow grease into it”, I swear I could heare my dearly departed grandma encouraging me. 

 So, that I did.  But at one point, my elbows would grease no more!

Side view of my sammich jam.


Isn’t funny there is a UL sticker on that machine?  I thought UL had something to do with electricity?  Anyhow, at this point I am PANICKING!   How on earth am I going to finish that card?  Ok scratch that, what am I going to do with out a Big Shot for more than 10 min? 

I decided right then and there, I would take that puppy apart and get that sammich out! 

Upside down view as I start to disassemble it!

First pieces off! 

At this point most of the BODY is off and I still can see no way to unwedge it!

This is what it looks like under the turn handle.



After I got all the parts off I could, this is what I was left with!

 I investigated the gears, and realized, there was nothing left that I could do. 

I think I calculated the small gear should have 12 or so teeth, of which I had broken about 3 or 4 of them.

At this point, I was feeling pretty much like this!


I gathered up all the change in the house I could find…


…determined I would gather enough to go get another…   Here is my sneaky, proud of myself face, and my brilliant partner in crime.

Then I thought about it for a while, shot off some emails and lo and behold, I have to say that a knight in shining armour came to my rescue!

My machine is now, as I speak(type), at the Big Shot hospital and is getting some new parts. 

Moral of my story is what?  Don’t craft under stress?  Don’t shove more than you can roll?  When making a sammich, hold the mayo?  I don’t know.

  But you know how we bloggers are, when disaster strikes, we see a beautiful blog post forming. 

Think of me and this post, the next time  you think of adding any more to that sammich you are running through whatever machine you have!

Bye for now and happy crafting! 

This will be my Favorite post EVER!!!! Be sure to read!

1 Nov

I have had an idea brewing for a while now and today I am putting my plan into ACTION.  There are so many crafty people in this world.  So many different styles and personalities.  I get inspiration from many sources and today I am going to start a monthly spotlight of my TOP 10 people who inspire me.  To go along with my Spotlight, I will have a unique giveaway catered to the STYLE of the person I am spotlighting.  Some of my Favorite People, will actively participate, I will let all of them know.  So today, let me introduce you to one of my favorite, most creative, spunky, fun and amazing people.

Her name is Deena Ziegler.

I happened upon Deena’s website, a while back and was instantly drawn to her style.  I think my style is very much like hers, since we seem to use a lot of the same colors, etc in our projects.  However, I am no match for Deena.  Google her name and you can see how busy this lady is.  A couple of my favorite links on Deena:

On her blog she often features her children and I love that she is really modest and down to earth.  She is sweet and caring and is a real person.  She has this to say about what she does:

“First, I’m a mom to two girls that are growing up quicker than I’d like. They keep me busy with school activities and horseback riding. They both love to craft and join me in my work room every day. They especially like to use up all my adhesive and smash my marker tips. When my second daughter was a toddler and I was in full stay at home mom mode I accepted an invitation to teach at my local scrapbook store where I still teach to this day.

Soon I had started teaching a class called Creative Cards. Attendance was up and down but I kept at it for the last seven years and now have two sold out classes every month. I appreciate each and every one of my customers and I cherish the personal relationships that I have with them. While I don’t see an end in sight for my in person teaching I was ready to take Creative Cards to a new level.  I now offer my kits to anyone out of my teaching area or for those that just can’t make it to class and Creative Cards Homeschool was launched.”

You can read her full ABOUT ME BIO, here:  http://deenaziegler.typepad.com/my_weblog/about.html

Having mentioned Creative Cards Homeschool, I can not give this enough praise.  I have been a participant for quite a while now.  I do not feel that I need to have guidance for making cards.  I can easily come up with my own designs.  But, what I love about Deena’s Creative Cards Homeschool are:

  • The assortment of DIES that she uses
  • Her color combinations
  • Her vast assortment of Ribbons and Buttons
  • Her Whimsical Phrases
  • Her hard work to precut and package everything
  • The CONVENIENCE of having everything in one package

I am not in a position to own or have access to all that Deena has, so it is kind of like she is SHARING not only her talent, but her STASH with us!  What I usually do and am going to show you today, is how you can either use her card kit and follow her pattern and guidelines, OR do what I do, use the supplies and make your own MAGIC!  I love the challenge of taking all the things that has been designated for one card and trying to make the card completely my own.  I usually have success, sometimes it can be hard, but most times it works.  Take a tour of OCTOBER’S CREATIVE CARDS HOMESCHOOL KIT:

Here is the Kit in its package:



Here are pictures of everything you get (unassembled)



Here are the details for October’s Kit:

Each monthly kit includes supplies to make 5 beautiful cards with envelopes featuring the latest papers and trendy shapes. Each monthly kit is $20 – includes US shipping

October Kit ($20– includes US shipping)-Now shipping. Get started with your subscription today. DETAILS ON HER BLOG HERE.  We’d be so happy to have you join us! This month I got my inspiration from a twist on fall colors my happy brights plus a little black thrown in. Got fallish with trees, woodgrain and birdies. Sentiments include; You’re the friends everyone wishes they had, A birthday wish to warm your heart, Thank you for brightening my day, Just a tweet to say “hello” and You make me smile. Fine detailed scalloped shapes, embossed woodgrain paper and happry colors are just a few of the details you’ll enjoy this month.

Now, I will show you DEENA’S card design, the supplies for that card, and what I did with the supplies.



Here is what I did with the Card Supplies:

Inside of card:



Here is what I did with the Card Supplies:

Top Flap Opened:

Bottom Flap Opened:

Deena’s You make me smile Card:

You make me smile CARD SUPPLIES:

My Version of the Card:

Inside of Card ( I LOVE THE INSIDE OF THIS ONE!!!!)

Close Up:


Deena’s A Birthday Wish Card:

Supplies for this card:

My Version of the Card:

Inside of Card:

Close Ups:

Last Card :  Deena’s You’re the Friend Card

Supplies for this Card:

My Version of the Card:

Inside of Card:

Close up:


So, there you have it.  I hope you can see why I enjoy Deena’s Card Kits so much.  I know she has kits on her site, so be sure to see some of her PAST KITS too!  Sign up for a momth, there is no LONG TERM COMMITMENT, but BEWARE, once you start, you won’t want to stop.  Believe me…I do not know how I could NOT get a monthly kit!  It would be TORTURE!

For TODAY’S Freebie….YOU GET TO PICK ANY 1 OF MY CARDS, that is in this blog post.  Remember it has to be MY version and not DEENA’S!!  Please visit DEENA and if you do let her know that Jeannie sent you over!

Leave a comment and on next MONDAY’s post, I will announce the winner!  Send you friend over and they mention your name..you get an EXTRA ENTRY!

  • Leave a comment = One Entry
  • Send a Friend = One Entry
  • Follow my Blog = One Entry
  • Visit Deena and leave a comment = One Entry
  • Fiskateer’s post your Fiskateer Number in comment = One Entry

Be sure to let me know HOW MANY entries you qualify for and also which card you would choose!

Thank you for visiting today!  Goodbye for now!


I am still here!!

12 Jun

Lots to do, I really want to make this blog work, but really have no clue how to do it!! I want to do freebies and inspire people. I have so little time, I know I am not the only one is that boat. This post is just to say, I am here and please stay with me…invite a friend or two..tell me how to get more people to follow me so I have more to give freebies to. Speaking of freebies, agh! What to give?? I am going to post a MOO I did. How bout this, I have made a cutie patootie card with this MOO, the one who can steer the most people my way, even if it is just 1, gets my MOO card!! Deal? OK!!

MOO Template from http://www.boomphotographics.com.

Check them out!! A FUN WEBSITE!!!!!

Moo with my Boosey Toes!

My moo was based on this photo:

Polka Dot Toes

I love to do fancy nail jobs on my girls!!

Ok, that does it for today. I will post again, sooner than my last post!! I promise!