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Gel-à-tins fun stuff!

22 Dec

Today I am using the set called Sweet Cakes.

I have been using this set quite a bit, I have other sets on order so hopefully soon I can show you some new projects without cupcakes:)

So, I was not really feeling like making another cupcake card but then I remembered a card a sweet friend and FABULOUS card maker named Candace made and knew that I wanted to try her idea out.  Click here to see her card.

The other day I was using some of my Jenni Bowlin Pins.  They came in this great package.

Well I took the pins out and thought to save the plastic tray, because I knew I’d reuse it.

For this card, the tray is the window of my shaker.

I did not take pictures in the making process of this card.  It was quite a round of trial and error.

I tried to take multiple pictures to show you how the tray works as the pop out window.

 I used the tiny cupcakes for the inside of the shaker and small glass beads that I thought looked like cupcake sprinkles.

We have a fried who refers to the sprinkles as SPINKIES..is that the cutest thing?

This card was fun to make but I did have quite a time getting the hole in the paper fit the plastic tray just right.

But no fear, I am mathematically challenged, so this is probably only an issue to me!

My little ones enjoy shaking the card…shaking…shaking…shaking…”Ok..put the card down now!”

I love the way it turned out…what else have you seen put in these shakers?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a link in your comment if you’d like!

 I’d love to hear your ideas!
This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today’s post!

Have a “Gel” a riffic day!!

My first Gel-a-Tins Project

10 Nov

Today I get to share my first project that I have designed for Gel-a-Tins Stamps.

I am using the set called Sweet Cakes.

I am having so much playing around with Shrink Film lately, I am going to show you how to use it for your cards and other projects.

Here you can see I have already stamped with a solvent ink and colored in with various permanent markers and colored pencils.

Here you can see that the film is somewhat see thru.

Now I have bubble cut around all the images.

The thing about shrink film is that you really have to plan ahead and know how and where you will use your images once they are shrunk.

 Since you need to attach them somehow you need to punch the holes with a normal size paper punch, before you shrink the plastic.

Planning ahead will help you know where you want to punch out those holes.

I have punched all my holes now I am getting ready to bake them.

I place them on a cookie sheet on top of a piece of cardboard covered with parchment paper.

I place another piece of parchment over the plastics to help keep them somewhat flat.  They will curl, but I like to have the slight added weight to flatten them.

When they are shrunk and cooled off, I spray the pieces with a fixative.  Even though I will use the side opposite of the side I colored, I still want to protect the colored surface.

Moving on to my card base, I have this paper from a DCWV  pad.  I love the pattern and will mimic it for my card base.

Here you can see my card base done, next to the sheet of paper I have mimicked.

I like to punch a little notch off the card base when attaching ribbon and twine to avoid the twine/ribbon from shifting.

Here is the twine all attached.

After that, I attached the rest of my card embellishments.

 To attach my shrunk plastic images, I put some decorative wire and beads through my punched holes.

After I have them all done with the beads and wire, I attach them with a really strong adhesive.

Here is a close up of how cute these little trinkets are.

One last look at the final product.

I hope you have liked my card today.  I am so happy to be working with Gel-a-Tins stamps, I will be here again next week.

This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today’s post.

Thank you again Grafix Arts!  I am having so much fun with my Shrink Film!