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Is it Tuesday?

11 Jan

Yes, it is Tuesday.  For me a bittersweet Tuesday.  Last week at this time, I had no idea that today I would be telling so many of you goodbye.  Due to life circumstances, I have had to say goodbye to many of the Teams I have been designing for over the last few months.  I am especially sad to say goodbye to my lovely friends at Tuesday Trio and my Groovy Friends at If It’s Groovy.  It seems that this can be a tough job to have when the craft and the passion behind the reason we craft is not fully understood or supported by those around you. 

So, I need to step back, regroup and figure out how to be a mom, a wife and still craft and hope that someday, I can figure how to profit from this love of mine so it does not appear to be such a waste of time:)

So today, I will share first my project I have designed for one of teams I am not saying Goodbye to.  That would be, Cheery Lynn Designs.  Tuesday’s are always my post day with them so here is what I have made.  We had a theme to follow this week, that theme was using the colors, red, black and white only.  This was tough, I kept thinking of certain things and thought, “nope, that has pink, nope that’d require green.”  I wanted to be very careful not to bend the rules, I am weird like that!

Here is my card:

Here is the inside:  (hmmmm, I wonder who I could give this to?)


I did not use a lot of dies on this.  Actually I only used one set.  The set is called Little Stackers Scalloped Oval.  My idea to use only one set was purposeful.  I wanted to show that you can still have a core set of dies.  You do not have to have 30 sets(OH BUT THAT’D BE FUN!) to be able to have fun with your dies.  I took 2 larger dies and created this framed window that reveals the beautiful Digi Stamp by Therese Travis.  Inside when you open the card you can see the full beauty that awaits for the lucky recipient on the inside of this card.

Cheery Lynn Designs still has their BLOG CANDY giveaway going. 

 Stop by the BLOG to see the details.  So, at least for Cheery Lynn Designs, I will be back next week.


Now onto my sad farewell.  Tuesday Trio.  I have loved being part of this time.  It filled me with such joy to come together with women from different countries as we supported one another and created together.  I will miss the challenges and I will miss the Tuesday sketches and my Tuesday posts for them. 

Tuesday Trio’s new sketch going up today.  We are on sketch #49.  This is the last sketch I am playing along with as a designer.


My interpretation of the sketch went something like this:  I turned the sketch upside down…..

….and here is my project.  This is especially dedicated to not only Tuesday Trio, but all the teams I have had to say goodbye to. 

Thank you for allowing me to work with your designs, your products. 

 This is truly what I love doing in life and I will miss you all.


If it’s Tuesday, it must be, FUN STUFF!

4 Jan

I have lots of things to share today, grab a seat and prepare to be wowed.  Tuesdays for me, mean I get to post my projects for Tuesday Trio and Cheery Lynn Designs.  For Tuesday Trio, we are on sketch # 48. Here is the sketch and the challenge was to make the project vintage.

Here is my card for sketch 48.  Vintage takes work for me.  I do not even know if one would consider this looking vintage.  Let me know what you think.

 Again, we would love to have you do the challenges with us.  Our leader lost a loved one recently and I told her all my projects would be dedicated to her dad.  So that is what I am doing, dedicating this card to his memory.  That means that I will try to make projects that are special to me.  I might wait till the last-minute to complete as assignment for Tuesday Trio, but my hope for the blog is that I will not miss a challenge and that I do my very best on all the assignments.  It is the least I can do for Tuesday Trio. 

Here is the link, if you feel so inspired to play along with our international challenge blog. 


No on to Cherry Lynn Designs.  I have tried really hard to make some things that will bring a smile to your face. 

It is no secret, that I love VEGGIES TALES.  Such a good wholesome show for families.  One of the characters, Madame Blueberry sings a song about being BLUE.  She is so focused on material things that she doesn’t understand why getting things and acquiring material possessions is not bringing her happiness.  She sings her little song, “I’m so Blue, hoo, hoo…”  Poor Madame, she does learn a good lesson in the end of the story, but I am using the words from her song  for this card.

 The dies for all the Veggie Tales are so detailed.  They really make fabulous images.  I also created my own dimensional flowers out of the BUTTONS 1 set.

Here is a view of the inside of my card. 


Here is the pull out portion of the card. 


The card reads on the Front:  I’m so blue, hoo, hoo

The inside reads: Without you, hoo, hoo

Here is a close up of the dimension I tried to create on this card.

I will let you in on a design secret here:  The Blueberry on the inside is only a color copy of my original.  I did not want the image to get ruined from being taken in and out of the pocket, so I opted for a high quality copy instead.  You would not have even known, right?


On to my 2nd project. 

This is the same card design, flip-flopped and also smaller. 

Once again I used my own made up dimensional flowers and I also used on of the tiny buttons to create my own cherry.  It is on the phrase banner.

 To mount my dimensional flower and cupcake image on, I used one of the French Flair dies.  I then embossed the die cut paper with the Dotted Swiss Embossing Plate.  I then sanded my paper to create those polka dots.  I love the way this looks.

Here is the inside:


Here is the insert portion of the card:

If you head over to Cheery Lynn Designs Blog you can get in on our giveaway.  You can try some of these fabulous dies yourself.  Here is the info on the giveaway.

We are giving away a $40 Gift Certificate to the Cheery Lynn Designs store.  It is simple to enter for a chance to win

  • Become a Follower of this blog
  • Add the Blog Candy blinkie to your blog

We will announce the winner on Sunday, January 30th.   
To add the blog candy blinkie to the sidebar of your blog, you can copy/paste this picture; please sure to link it to our blog address  http://cheerylynndesigns.blogspot.com/


So get on over there and try to win this FABULOUS PRIZE!!
Items used in these creations:
French Flair, Madame Blueberry, Buttons 1, Dotted Swiss Embossing Plate and Little Stackers Scalloped Oval.
Thanks for visiting THE POLKA CABANA, until next time…Have a great day.

If it’s Tuesday it must be….

28 Dec
Believe it or not, I am not going to share a Christmas card with you.
Can you believe my Christmas tree is already down and Christmas is boxed up and put away.
No, I am not trying to be a bah-humbug, but the house has been turned upside down since we brought the tree home.
Also, if we kept the tree up too much longer, I am afraid our Christmas decorations would keep dwindling, thanks to my 2 little ones who just can’t comprehend the “HANDS OFF” policy.

I am excited to show you my project for, Cheery Lynn Designs, this week.  My little fairy princess, my 3 year old, was my inspiration this week.  She loves princesses.  She loves fairies.  She loves book.  She loves telling stories.
I thought it would be fun to combine all these loves into one project.  I have made a mini book about princesses and fairies for her.
She loves to make up her own stories, so I have included fairies and princesses of all sorts so she can use her imagination and make up her own magical stories.

I hope you enjoyed this little project I have shared with you today. I know my little one does! Imagine all the possibilities with this tiny book die set.
Thank you for stopping by, I will having something new, next week.
The Cheery Lynn dies used in this project are:

Tiny Thoughts Scallops and Rings



Scalloped Square



Buttons 1



Butterfly Bundles


Also since it is Tuesday, that means there is a new sketch and challenge up at Tuesday Trio.

Our leader has been through a tough couple of weeks and I would love to have any of my followers go on over to the TUESDAY TRIO blog and look, participate in a challenge, leave kind words…any and all would be so kind.  Imagine her joy if she had a slew of new participants?

I would love that, bringing someone happiness?  What could be better?

Feel like joining along in our challenge?  Here is our new sketch.  Sketch # 47.

The theme to follow is NEW YEARS.  What could be better?

Here is my take on the sketch:  How did I do with the DIGI flair?  Most of the paper and elements I used were mere FREEBIES I have collected on the way.  Now if it were only free to print all those pages I have done out..that’d be lovely!!

I will have a lot of things to share over the next couple of weeks, I hope you will keep tuning in to THE POLKA CABANA…

Dreaming of a PINK CHRISTMAS

8 Dec

If you are here for the TIFFANY DOODLES BLOG HOP, click the link below to go to the post.


Now, let’s talk PINK!!

OK, so maybe you do not think PINK when you think of CHRISTMAS, but, why not?  The cards today will have a couple of things in common,

1 – They are all Holiday Cards

2 – They are all PINK!!


(Remember if you’d like to WIN my card, simply participate in the TUESDAY TRIO challenge, place in the top 3 or the TOP spot, and I will Mail you My Card!)

Here is our sketch for this week.  We are on Sketch 44

Here is the Card I have done for the CHALLENGE 🙂

What do you think?  PINK and BRIGHT and CHEERY and full of Christmas/Holiday wishes.

The neat thing about this card, is that it is a HYBRID card.

I am working with Creations By Julie.

She creates some really wonderful things.  I used a template from her December Sweet Cards Template for the card above.

Any of her templates can be purchased at her store over at Ginger Scraps.


For my TUESDAY TRIO card I manipulated the template to suit my needs.  The card below, I used the TEMPLATE pretty much, as is.

Close up.

Right now, if you visit Julie’s blog, she already has another new TEMPLATE to try free.  If you have never tried one out, this is a perfect way to see how much fun they are.  Here is the link:


If you go on over there, be sure to let her know that her FABULOUS team-mate, JEANNIE sent you!

You can also find her on FACEBOOK.  Here is the link to her CREATIONS BY JULIE page.


Now, how do like the paper I used in the projects ABOVE?

I used all digi papers from THE LOLLIPOP PRESS‘s new DECEMEBER  MEGA KIT called:

SANTA BABY. You can view the WHOLE KIT and the December special at the link below


So lastly today, let me show you my Scrappy Pages I have done with this absolutely, fantastic, wonderful SUPER FUN kit. (Can you tell this is my FAVORITE?)




I love how everything matches on this post.  There is a FABULOUS tutorial over on The Lollipop Press’s Blog on how to make this adorable flower.

So you can head over there and try it out.  Once again just let them know who sent you over, ME!!  JEANNIE

A big thank you to the wonderful ladies I work with.

Dailly – http://tuesdaytrio.blogspot.com/

Julie – http://mycrazylifeasamomandawife.blogspot.com

Amber – http://thelollipoppress.blogspot.com/

Have a great day!!

I have so much to say!!

3 Dec

Where do I begin?  I will announce my Christmas card winner from last post.  I am behind on that.  I did not really have any takers on the edited pic, so I am assuming I can skip that?  If you were hoping to win that..you just need to let me know.  Today..I will share..2 cards!

First, my card for tuesdaytrio.blogspot.com

Here is our current challenge sketch:

The Key word/ingredient : HOLIDAY

Here is my take on the sketch:

I do not know if any of you follow or play along in the challenge, but today I will announce something NEW.  Any of my followers, if you participate and place in the TOP 3 or get the spot as the Weekly Winner, you will get your choice of my CARD for that sketch.   So..I will be watching for the linky’s on the Tuesday Trio Blog.  I would love for you all to play along.  This is INTERNATIONAL, which is why I love it so.  I love to see the different styles and talents that we all have, worldwide.  So..come on!  Play along!!


I borrowed a tutorial for a wallet card from my bud, Jamie over at Bits of Paper.  The link for the wallet is here.  Here is Jamie’s description about the wallet: “This wallet works perfect for housing several gift cards or even homemade coupons (for date nights, homemade dinners of your choice, back massage,etc.)”

I wanted a card for a friend.  The card is SORT OF a joke.  See, there is nothing in this world that I could BUY, that he would need.  Also, anything he would WANT, I could never afford.  So the card has coupons for him to get things for himself, and allows for SOMEONE, other than me to pay for it!

He has a vested interest in a store called UNIONMADE.  Jamie gave me the idea of mkaing the wallet as a card, and I have designed it to go along with the Theme of the store.  The theme being, vintage, rare, highly sought after mens clothing.  Here is the card:  What do you think?  I might do my own version of this tutorial for the pattern challenged, as it took me a bit of working to make the pattern work.  Wondering out loud..if anyone would use a tutorial on this???








Love the COLORING on this Picture!!  Wallet and Fronts of Gift Cards.


Backs of Gift Cards.


I made some of my own papers for this, I also used some Graphic 45 embellies, twill tape, brads, mini clips and my sewing machine.  What do you all think??


Lastly..my winner of my Angel Miriam (Mary and Jesus) card.  Look at the picture below..if you see your name, email me your info and I will send the card off to you!!



I have some very fun news to share tomorrow, but for now!  I gotta get more things done!


Goodbye everyone!!

One picture, SO MANY OPTIONS!!

24 Nov

Another of my top 10 people who have inspired me and has had a great impact on me is Therese Travis.  Therese’s Design Team for PAPER FACES DESIGNS, was the very 1st team I wan invited(or allowed) to be on.  I am proud to say I am still with her and she will have a hard time getting rid of me:)

The other day, I shared with you the tutorial of how to create a card with a Digital stamp and Digital Papers.  Todays techniques have some same steps, but are different in many ways.  To view the tutorial on Digital Stamps with Digital Papers you can click here to view the post.

Today, I am using Therse’s Angel Miriam.  You can purchase Miriam for your own personal use here.  I will show you how to use a .svg file and also how to use Miriam as a DIGI STAMP for 3 beautiful cards.

For my.svg card, I am using a version that Therese created for me so that I can cut it out on my Cricut.

You will start with your file opened up in your cutting software.

Please note, I have warped the pattern to hopefully protect Therese’s image. 🙂  The image will open up all grouped together.

My next step is to discard what I won’t use.  Or to be safe HIDE what you do not need and at this point, I group them on my mat how I want them to cut.

I am pretty picky about trying to save paper.  So I go with the minimum of paper I can go with to cut my files.  You can see on the next image, I have divided the pieces up into what color I will cut them out on.

Next I measure my colored paper out to fit the image on my template and adhere the paper to the cutting mat. That is the next image you are seeing.

Next you will see my pieces are cut and ready to go!  Yes, I warped the picture again:)

Jeannie tip here…When working with certain files, such as Therese’s Fairies, angels, or anything with faces or cirles etc, as I am removing them from the cutting mat, I turn them over and put a small dot on the TOP so I know which is the top and the bottom.  Might sound silly, but it has really helped in my assembling process.

I have gathered all the supplies to complete this card.  In one place..it helps the picture taking process tremendously!!

It is always important to add some depth to you pieces by sponging them with a neutral color.

My next step is to emboss my background and assemble my word art on cardstock.  I sponge these with a dark color and edge with a gold stamp pad.

Here is Miriam all assembled and ready for her card.

Time for the bow.  I use an empty cup and tie a knot on the cup.

I then cut the ribbon on the opposite side of where I just tied my nice knot.

At this point I have a for tailed ribbon, take the ends that you cut and adhere them around an attach behind your card with tape.

At this point, I forgot I needed to mat Miriam with white paper, so find a scrap and “bubble cut” around her.

Next, put dimensional adhesive on the back of Miriam and the word art.

Assemble the rest of the items and that is how I use an .svg file.

Here is a comparison with a card that I did with the DIGI stamp and colored cardstock.  I love the way it looks..but with the .svg file, the CRICUT does the cutting, with the DIGI, I do the cutting.

I also tried a different techiique I can show you later if anyone is intrested.  It uses the DIGI stamp also.  Here is the final product.

Here are the TRIO.  Which do you like best?

Your favorite will be my FREEBIE today..that one lucky winner will receive.  To qualify for the freebie..here are my terms:

Please visit THERESE and if you do let her know that Jeannie sent you over!

Leave a comment and on next WEDNESDAY’s post, I will announce the winner!  Send you friend over and they mention your name..you get an EXTRA ENTRY!

  • Leave a comment = One Entry
  • Send a Friend = One Entry
  • Follow my Blog = One Entry
  • Visit THERESE and leave a comment = One Entry
  • Fiskateer’s post your Fiskateer Number in comment = One Entry
  • Co-Design Team Member of mine, on any team = One Entry  Just mention which DESIGN TEAM we are together on!

Be sure to let me know HOW MANY entries you qualify for and what card technique is your favorite.

The others will go on Etsy, and I will take special orders for these, if you need more than one.

Can you believe the art of Therese?

Lastly I leave you with a card and a scrapbook page made from another one of Therese’s lovely drawings.



I hope you liked this tutorial.  Let me know if there you have an intrest to see the other technique I used on the 3rd card.

I want to thank Therese Travis of http://www.etsy.com/shop/paperfacesdesigns for allowing me to use ANGEL MIRIAM  in this project.

Visit http://tuesdaytrio.blogspot.com/ to see what the sketch and challenge are for this weeks challenge.  Here is what I did with Theres’s Angel Cherie.  Let me know how you like her also.

Wow, what a post, right??

Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

3 Nov

Tuesday Trio just posted their new sketch.

We are working one SKETCH #41 – The added challenge is:  It has to have wings!




Here is  my card.





Congrats to my buddy Christina for placing in the top 3 for Sketch 39!!  She did a SUNDIAL on her card for that sketch!  Wow!  I love it!!

You will have to visit her blog to see all her cards..she is “ON FIRE” these days!!!

We also have http://www.pinkcricut.com/ having a contest.  This is a NO BRAINER for me, their theme…”IT HAS TO HAVE POLKA DOTS”  Polka what?  Yep, DOTS!!  I am all over this challenge!  So I will submit, ALL MY CARDS!!  Ha ha!  I don’t think I have a card WITHOUT a polka dot!!  Here is some..

Ok..that is enough for now…VISIT….VISIT the blogs I mentioned…show some BLOGGY LOVE!!!!


19 Oct

A few weeks ago, I had posted some card that I had done for TUESDAY TRIO.  This is an International blog based in Israel.  They were doing a Design Team call and I applied.  I needed to do 3 different cards and then they would choose their team.  I had the HONOR of being selected.  I am very excited about this.  This is a whole new ballgame.  This is participating with people from different parts of the world.  I love that we can all come together on common ground through our talents.

Here is the sketch that is the current challenge!  Maybe you should join the fun!!



Here is my version of the sketch.




One other look:




The added challenge to make something 3D on the project.  So can you see that my strawberry is actually a paper pillow?  I also 3-D’d the frame to make it all POP out!


The new DESIGN TEAM is being announced on the TUESDAY TRIO blog today.  All the designer’s and I are putting on a blog hop.  I would love for my readers, followers to hop through these blogs.  Those that are not from the US, usually have a translation option at the top of the page.  So please help me celebrate and hop through the BLOG HOP.  This BLOG HOP has a a few things to remember!  To be eligible for the freebie, you will need to collect keywords from each blog.  My blog code word is cloud, in hebrew it is ענן.  So there you have this blog’s word!


Here are some tips from our leader:

What’s this Blog-Hop?
Good of you to ask.
Blog Hop is, as the name suggests, a list of blogs for you to hop to.
Each of the eight members of our DT will post a new post, listing the members of the DT and linking to their personal blogs.
Each of them recieved a word (or two) related to out topic: Fall, and she will plant it/them within the text of her post.
Notice that those words will not be in color or bold, or specific in any way. To find it you’ll have to actualy read the post, which is the whole purpose, cause only by reading can you get to know the writer.
Why have we hidden words? Cause I felt like giving a little reward for the effort of hopping between eight blogs and reading eight posts (nine, including this one).
I have taken into account that some of you do not understand Hebrw, and some do not understand English (our team is international), and so all of the words will be written in both languages (if possible).
If you’ll go through all eight blogs, collect all he words (eight of them) and email them to me at tuesday3trio@gmail.com will get my brand new digital kit. This kit will be put out for sale as soon as the Blog Hop is over, and only those who will get all the words will receive it free. Also, I’ll attach a few brand new digital stamps (my firsts).

Here is the list of girls and blogs – clicking each name will transfer you to that member’s blog. It doesn’t matter where you start, just remember to see them all.
Amanda Kremerאמנדה קרמר
Chen Rosenbergחן רוזנברג
Jeannie DeGruccio (YOU ARE HERE!!)  – ג’יני דגרוסיו
Maya Dahanמאיה דהן
Michal Shovalמיכל שובל
Orli Shamirאורלי שמיר
Shir Benovichשיר בנוביץ
Dailly Gelberדיילי גלבר

אנחנו מקוות שתהנו מהאתגר השבועי, ומקוות שתהנו מהסיבוב בבלוגים שלנו.
We hope you have fun with this week’s challange, and hope you have fun visiting our blogs.
Lastly, my giveaway from last week, the winner is….
let’s see…
We threw all the names in a bag and my very courageous helper pulled out the name……………………….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, if you hoped to win and you see your name on that paper my son is holding.  Email me…I will give you the specifics of what I need from YOU!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!  I know you will love my creation!!

OK, Just One More, I promise!!

3 Oct

Just one more “how do you think I did” for today, I promise!!  Tomorrow is a new day, so I can make no guarantees about what I am doing then, but for today…THIS IS REALLY IT!!

I had told you about Tuesday Trio, I have done 2 challenges so far.  I botched the 2nd challenge which was supposed to be HAPPY.

What was I thinking to put “I MISS YOU” on that HAPPY PANDA card???  Oh well, I made it up with this challenge!

Here is the sketch I worked off of:

The EXTRA CHALLENGE this week was to use NO, PINK, RED or ORANGE!!  I can confidently tell you, I used NONE of those colors! (Unless I am color blind!)

BUT, I did break the rules.  Hopefully that is ok.  I interpreted the sketch like this:

Here is my card!!

Warmer Lighting.  I never know what looks best!

If you  leave a comment, tell me, is the COOL WITH FLASH better or the WARM WITHOUT FLASH better??

Head over to Tuesday Trio to see the other submissions for this sketch.  It is so much fun to see how others interpreted the sketch.

I will be back with more fun stuff…..WHO KNOWS WHEN??????

2 down, 1 to go!

28 Sep

My last post was about the WONDERFUL blog  Tuesday trio.  I am participating in their search for a new Design Team member.

This blog is not from the US, so it has been so much fun to see talent from across the globe.

I hope to be part of their team, just for the mere experience.

This is Challenge 2 of the 3 I was able to get in on.

Here is the sketch and the additional challenge for this sketch was to make something HAPPY!!

Sketch # 35

Here is my interpretation, how do you think I did???

Side view:

Close up of flowers with the POLKA DOT brads!  Gotta love em’!!!

Can’t wait to go check out Sketch #36, I will post that one in a couple of days!  Bye for now!!!