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Just how GROOVY do you think you are??

21 Oct

One of the design teams I am on is for the If it’s Groovy website.

They have an open Design Team Call.  If you have what it takes…if you are GROOVY enough, you have to check it out!!  Apply and we can be team mates!!  If you apply let Groovy Deb know I sent you over!


I am the FEATURED artist today! (We all get a chance in the spot light)  My post today is about or October Challenge.

Our Leader, Groovy Deb, has the most amazing challenges.  The Challenge this month is called Translations.

We needed to come up with a layout that featured a different language.  Having a mom(I’m lucky enough to have 2…long story there!)  anywho..having a mom who is full do the math..that makes me half!!  This year I am glad to say that I got my self enrolled with my tribe and gave them the honor of adding all 7 of my kids to the tribe also!  WHEW!!  Yep the Navajo Nation is up by 7, at least, this year thanks to me!

For this page, all my Titles are in Navajo.  I had to consult my mom and cousins on the spelling.  I hope you enjoy the page.



The journaling on it says:



House of the Dark Cliffs People


I feel very honored to be Native American.  In 2004, my husband, all my children and I went to Ganado, Arizona, where my grandmother lives.  It was my first trip to the reservation and it was a humbling experience.

Do I feel sad that I was not raised on the reservation?

Maybe, but it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t change the outcome of my life for anything.

I am blessed to have 2 families, the family that raised me and that family that is my blood, my clan.

I am Jeannie DeGruccio and I am Tséníjíkiní.



That is all for today!  But remember, if you have thought at all about being part of a fun team..check out If it’s Groovy’s Design Team call.


TOO MANY IDEAS Design Team Project #2

15 Jul

I first came across Therese Travis on ETSY.COM.  I loved her FAIRY cut files.  She is a great designer and I loved the Fairy I had purchased from her.  I wrote her and gave her a suggestion for a certain type of Fairy, and do you know she made one based on my idea and her FAIRY, looked just like me, even though we had never met and at that point she had never even seen a picture of me.  She named the Fairy JEANNIE and you can see her in THERES’S ETSY store, HERE!

I felt like a celebrity when she sent me her final product.  So, for this challenge, I have used “JEANNIE” to create my scrapbook page about one small part of me.  I am very COMPLEX, so this is just a SAMPLE!!

Here is the page.

Bubble Page

The Text Reads:

“I have often thought of my life and all of the things I need to do with this analogy.

I feel like all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do are bubbles.  You know how when you blow bubbles from a bubble wand and hundreds of bubbles float around?  No two are fully connected and they all float in a different direction.

Well that is how I feel!

I am trapped in one of the bubbles, and all the things I need and want to do are in their own bubbles and I can’t get to any of them.  I am trapped in my own bubble and can only look, but not REACH or CONNECT, at the things that I want or need to get done.

It is a very helpless feeling.”

Upper Half of page:

Lower Half of page:

I am trying to show the details and layers in this picture.  Can you see them?

Best of all, here is “JEANNIE”, or should I say “ME”!!  Such a great file to work with!  Thanks Therese!

As usual, I would love to hear your comments, so let me know what you think!!

Come along for the ride!!!

30 Apr

Join me as I go through a mid-life crisis.  There are a couple of things I know for sure.  1)  I want something more out of life and 2) I love POLKA DOTS!!  Over the next few months, years etc. you can be amused as I stumble, fail, succeed in the course of trying to figure out what I love and what I am good at, what I should never attempt and what I should attempt, but probably never will.  Sound fun?  Well it does to me and if it makes sense to me..I guess that is all that matters, because, theoretically, I am talking to myself!  Oh I love the right click mouse spell check!!  I would be LOST with out it!!

How I feel..most of the day!