Extreme Paper Crafting with Authentique Paper and Glue Arts

18 Oct
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Hello all you paper aficionados!
I really am excited to show you what my wild imagination has come up with today.
I am very grateful to Glue Arts for their part in this post.  Without certain products of theirs, this project could have been a disaster.
Here is what I started with for this project.
A bunch of Glowing scraps, polka dot fabric and a made up pattern piece(the white paper.)
The first step is to cut out a bunch of the pattern shapes from the scraps.
Using a machine, sew all pieces together using a 1/4″ seam.
Here is what the pieces look like after they have been sewn together.  Note: all pieces are sewn, right sides together.
Those of you that sew, know that clipping curves can really help when creating curves, this picture shows you what clipping curves looks like.
After the seams are all clipped, turn the piece right side out.
Using my Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac adhesive, I attached some glowing paper to 1″ chipboard circles. These will become a base on the inside and outside bottoms.
Take a strong thread, I use upholstery thread, and gather the bottom tightly to close.
Take one of the chipboard circles and place it inside the piece.  This is used to help shape the piece and gives a flat surface to put some weights(beans) on top of.
I have my beans wrapped in plastic, just to keep them intact.
On top of the beans, start putting the stuffing in the piece.  Stuff and gather until you are happy with the shape. Gather the top closed in the same manner as the bottom.
To conceal the gathered top, I created lot of different tops using scraps and Glue Arts Raisen’s.
For some of the tops I gathered strips of paper.
I connected the strip with the Perma Tac.
Using the Raisen’s, I inserted a twig in the opening and tightened the gather strip and adhered it to the top with the Raisen’s.
Some of the tops, I made loose Yo-Yo’s to conceal the openings.
The Perma Tac was instrumental for these.  I adhered the fabric to a piece of plain white paper, before die cutting the fabric.
Perfect cuts, thank to the paper staying adhered to the fabric.
Thank you GLUE ARTS!
Here are the Yo-Yo’s adhered to the tops of these.
Lastly, I took some acorns and acorn tops and some scraps.
Using the Raisen’s again, I adhered the paper to the acorn pieces.
I then gathered an finished these off in the same manner as the items above.
In case you couldn’t guess what I was making, here they all are.
My pumpkins.
I win the mom of the year award for these.
My big kids could not believe they were made out of paper.
My little ones could not get over the cuteness because they are so small.
These make such an eye catching display.
To get an idea how small some of them are, here is my 4 year old, holding her 2 favorite pumpkin babies.
They could almost double as earrings…
 …earrings?  Hmmm….do I dare??
Obviously, these will not be kept outside with the real pumpkins, the overnight moisture would destroy them.
But they sure do look good with the Real thing!
I decided to put them on a plate and display them like this.
One last peek.
 I wouldn’t dare mix with fabric and paper unless the paper is Authentique Paper.
 I am starting to think of all the possibilities of things I can make now that I know I can use Authentique Paper in many of the same ways I use fabric.
Be sure to keep visiting us here on the Authentique Paper Blog to see what all of on the Design Team come up with.
Thank you again to Glue Arts for allowing me to work with their awesome adhesives for this project.
This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today’s post.
Polka Dot Fabric
Glue Gun
Cotton Balls

3 Responses to “Extreme Paper Crafting with Authentique Paper and Glue Arts”

  1. Richard October 18, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    This is SO much great work!! More than I could ever manage!!! TFS.

  2. Lillian Child October 18, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    I adore the whimsy of these sweet little pumpkins!

  3. Donna Woods October 18, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    They are BOOtiful!

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